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Have you donated today?

Guy Blackmon

New member
I would like to do more Charity work through our business. We have cleaned Churches in our area, and we have washed some of our elderly neighbors homes.

But this past weekend was a first for us. We were contacted a few weeks ago by a parent that asked if we would like to sponsor their Little League baseball team, and it was my honor to say "Yes We Can". It was a great feeling passing out the jerseys to the team. Just a great group of young Men!!!

One of these young Men looks like one of our Bod Members. Can you tell which one???


Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
Our "love attack" assignment at church this month led us to another church that hosts feeding the homeless. There were only about 20 of us from our church assigned to this one, but there are others like this all over town at the same time.

I don't know if there were over 1000 participants or not this time because by the time we were done we were too beat from the heat to go back to the church building.

Here's some pictures we took:


Scott Millen

New member
Except in instances of poor health, I donate a double red cell donation exactly on the maximum schedule for the Red Cross. I've done it since high school. Every spring I help the youth group at my folks' church fundraise by doing a carwash for donations during services. We usually wash about 200 cars and generally raise around $1500 to $2000 to pay for their mission trips each summer. This year they go to a place in Mexico just across from Brownsville, Texas. This year my wife and I also worked as officials for the Special Olympics local "A" levels. These are not the highly trained athletes you see at nationals, these are people of all ages, with all sorts of physical and mental challenges. It was one of the best, most moving experiences of my life to participate in a day on which so many achieved so much.

I want a great many things for my son, but one of the biggest is that he grows to be a kind man. It took me until well into my thirties to realize that I wasn't one, and I have worked to relieve that deficiency. I hope that aside from the good done for others, Joe will grow up participating in such service, so that he won't repeat my mistakes.

It seems natural that contractors interested in contributing to the industry by joining together would be a part of these sorts of efforts.

Ron Musgraves

Past President
We will Give another Check this Month, perhap this Week while a few contractors training with us from out of state. Maybe one from Tucson.

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