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Help Me Welcome Russ Johnson SouthSide Equipment as a New Associate member of the UAMCC

Ron Musgraves

Past President
Staff member
Please Help me Welcome Associate member Russ Johnson, lets thank Russ for donating a Surface Cleaner for the membership Drive.

This Surface cleaner giveaway will allow all members of the org including free bulletin board members. Its pretty simple just sign up for the FREE bulletin board here at the UAMCC. LINK for FREE Sign up

It would be Great if you posted some of your work a rig you have, but not needed. Just say hello and thank Russ for helping us with our membership Drive.

The Winner will be drawn sometime prior to NOV random on video or at a Live event. This actually means it could be tomorrow, we have given the contest a lot of flexibility because we have a ton of donations for membership drive.

Please Refer some to the Site

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Contest Rules are Subject to change ( no purchase is necessary)
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Steven Mendez

New member
Hey Hey Russ, you are "da man" for the equipment donation. oh yea you " da man" for the snot too. You helped me figure out my machines problem about 16 months ago. You da man for that too!!!! sign me up for the free surface cleaner.
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Guy Blackmon

New member
Doesn't surprise me one bit. Russ is one of the true Leaders in our Industry and a really good person.

Thanks Buddy & Welcome!!!

Bryan Henson

Contributing Member
Welcome Russ. Glad to have ya. Sure could use a new surface cleaner. Swivel and bearings went out on ours satuday. So just saying .......... Lol

Chris Chappell

New member
Welcome Russ, Thanks for all your support and for donating one of the best surface cleaners out there.

Very kind of you to do so and like always, you are helping everyone out there in many different ways.

Jason Hill

New member
Welcome Russ!! Thank you for all you do! You have been more hrlp thrn youll ever know.

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