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HELP with info for business highlight in local magazine

Calvin Andrus

New member
I just got an email that the local business news magazine (http://www.cascadebusnews.com)is going to be doing a small article on my business for their "green businesses" issue. I would really like to mention the UAMCC in the article and was hoping to get some quotes/info from a executive member of the UAMCC on environmental issues of the industry. Maybe touching on how the industry is moving as a whole, recent changes, etc. I have the local stuff covered with the city waste water coordinator. I have a list of questions from the writer and we will be doing a phone interview/conversation tomorrow. Please feel free to contact me whatever way is easiest for you. Thanks in advance.

Calvin Andrus

New member
Thanks guys I'm excited about it! To clarify this is what I'm looking for:

I carry multiple copies of BMP's with me at all time (City of Bend, OR Illicit Discharge Minimization BMP & Jerry's Handbook on Wash-Water Control BMP). I plan on touching base of my discussions with DEQ and the City Stormwater/Wastewater program manager. I would love to mention the UAMCC and the importance of being part of trade organizations to have access the much needed information to stay informed and out of trouble with the regulatory organizations. Hoping one of you (UAMCC Exec member) would be willing to give a quotable sentence or two about the importance of EPA compliance to our industry as a whole or importance of "green cleaning" as a whole.

Ron Musgraves

Past President
Staff member
It's a great thing and more members should make awareness programs like this. Great job

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