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Here's what happens when you use the government to eliminate competition

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
In 1928 one of the greatest inventions of man was made. Freon was discovered to be useful in refrigeration. Previously all efforts in cooling resulted in toxic gases so that many people died and refrigerators were left outside the buildings.

The discoverer of freon had an uphill battle to convince the public of the safety of his product and did so by publicly filling his lungs with freon and blowing out candles. The company that held the patent on this great new product was Dupont.

For many years the nation grew and advanced thanks, in part, to the new refrigeration available.

Dupont enjoyed many years of profit as, being the patent holder, they were the only source of refrigerant in the world.

Everything was great until the late 1980's. Manufacturers were chomping at the bit gearing up to produce freon further lowering prices once the patent expired in 2003.

Dupont had to do something, and fast. They immediately went to work on less effective alternatives and patented them all. Meanwhile, industry executives set out to convince congress that Freon, their own product, was destroying the ozone layer. They did this by concocting an elaborate scenario where the freon rose to the level of the ozone layer where it mixed with the ozone limiting ozone production leading to a hole in the ozone layer.

They completed their destruction of all competition when production of Freon was outlawed in 1995, just a few short years before freon would have been open for production all over the world.

A few tried to sound the alarm that freon is heavier than air, and by the law of physics CANNOT rise into the atmosphere, but they were quieted by the zeal of legislators who now had a new pet project that put them in the public eye as they "protected the public".

What kind of lunatic would cry foul when Dupont and the US government are telling everyone their own product is killing the earth?

So Dupont destroyed one of the greatest inventions of mankind by making up fake alarms and using the government to strong arm the "hacks" and eliminate competition.

This is happening in the environmental movement right now. Everytime it rains millions upon millions of gallons of water, oil, and other wastes are washed down our storm drains.

To give you an idea of the ignorance of it all I was rinsing down a flat WHITE commercial roof after coil cleaning about 6 months ago when I realized, "I don't think I even need to rinse this down". The last time I rinsed it took about 30 minutes and I still didn't get it all gone. So I let it go. Two weeks later it rained for about 15 minutes. I went up to check and the roof was as white as a baby's butt.
Mother nature did in ten minutes what would have taken me an hour to do. Where did all that dirt go?

How many roof washers leave bleach on the roof and wait for mother nature to rinse it off?

How many millions of gallons of sludge are washed down the storm drains by the periodic purging of all the millions of fire hydrants around the country?

How many contaminants from concrete cleaning, house washes, roof washes, coil cleaning, etc can actually make it far enough to do any damage whatsoever to any bodies of water without serious dilution and neutralization as it makes its way?

It's insanity.

As I've stated before. More interference from the government serves only one purpose. That purpose is to entrench the wealthiest service provider or manufacturer and ensure that they dominate the market.

If you are smugly reading this and you think that you are going to be that dominant one you are mistaken. The companies that will OWN this market when the love affair with the government is over pay someone on their staff to read this board. Who of any of us stands a chance if a company as large as Dupont makes the rules in their favor then takes over the service end?

We should be FIGHTING further regulation and spending our money on debunking the false science instead of holding hands and kissing the government before we bend over and take it.

But, alas, we won't because there are too many of us dumb enough to be taken in by the false science.

There are too many of us who still believe they can play with the rattlesnake (government) without getting bit.

There are too many of us who think too much of themselves and think THEY are big enough to pull the strings and by adding restrictions, remove competition. (and that includes not just companies, but organizations, all of them).

The fallacy in this line of thought is that a hungry man will do the work and not give a flying crap about ANY regulations.

The HVAC organizations bent over and took it. They didn't even try to fight.

Now their technicians are paid (in todays dollars) less than they were in 1990.

This is because there is a threshold in how much a customer will pay for service and when freon alternatives came on the market at up to 6 times the cost of freon the chopping had to begin and it began with the technician's salaries.

If you keep playing with the rattlesnake you are going to "get bit".

How about spending some money on studies that debunk the stupidity and take that to the city councils instead of going there wearing g-strings and tassles hoping to entice them to play nice with us?

Thousands of dollars for a 2 hr speaker may help a few. A few thousands of dollars spent on scientific studies could help us all.

Ron Musgraves

Past President
Dupont....... that the same one who sold the chemicals to the US for the War on drugs in South America?

You think the Bush people have something invested in dupont?