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Houston Convention Thread, www.uamccevents.com

Ron Musgraves

Past President

Everything this year can be found at the www.UAMCCevents.com

Soon the agenda will be Posted for Houston

So everyone Knows there will be a lot going on Simultaneously, the main forum will go Non Stop from start to Finish while Classrooms run from start to finish.

This Final Agenda will be done and you can choose what you want to go to. Keep in Mind if you miss something 2014 is early and we will certainly repeat the popular presentations.

Demos and Give-aways will run throughout the day. It will be a great show and we accept all criticism on bettering the show. We realize information Share is a Huge Part of success. We all know that this needs to get better in the future, we look forward to all your help as a member. We want to continue putting on Member Shows FREE for the Coming years as a benefit to the entire industry.
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Ron Musgraves

Past President

Scott Will Present at the awards Banquet night of the 19th 30 minutes (Inspiration 30)
Scott will Also Pressent with Phil Kircher on Gov Bids with Phil 15 Minutes on the end of Phils Talk Main Forum Morning of the 20th.
" Government Millions " 45)
As the Enviro Chair Scott will also Assist Tony Shelton's Address to Members Early Afternoon on the 20th. ( Solution to Pollution 45)

Times and Final Agenda will be Posted at www.uamccevents.com

Read More about Scott HERE!!

Scott Stone Makes Millions in Pressure Washing, this is a Must See presentation
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Ron Musgraves

Past President

Phil Sells Gov Contracts for a Multimillion Dollar Company , Phil will Present in the main Forum the morning of the 20th.

"Landing Million Dollar DEALs!!!!!!! " 45

This will be a Contractor only no recording of any kind in Main forum. These Secrets will only be Shared with attendees, get your VIP Pass to attend this Feature.

See Final agenda for Changes www.uamccevents.com
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Scott Stone

New member
I am looking forward to this. I don't take comp's because I don't want to feel obligated to follow a party line. Because of that, I pay for my flights and hotels out of my pocket, even though Ron has me speaking so many times.
My wife asked me what I get out of speaking at these conventions, and why I am willing to pay for things out of my pocket. I told her that the Pressure washing industry has been very good to me. I have not had a year in the past 20 where I have made less than 6 figures. Even out slow years, where I was doing the majority of the work, I still made 6 figures. Because of that, I want to give back.
That being said, I am comfortable speaking in front of large groups, and do not want to speak to an empty room. If you have a question, you will find that I am open, even to the point of being too open, and frank. I also am very willing to answer any question that you might have, and if it is in my wheel house of knowledge, tell you how to accomplish a job with the equipment that you have, if it is possible.
I look forward to seeing you there.

Ron Musgraves

Past President

Mark owner of Proactive Property Management will Speak Morning of 20th in the main Forum , look on the agenda for a Smaller Room. Mark will pack them in and we are prepared for a Second Talk.

Mark has Presented at the Tampa Event, San Diego & Las Vegas. He will also attend a private Member only Awards night were you can Reach out to Mark with Private Questions. Bring your VIP Pass for Entry

" Getting My Business as a Property Manager" 45

This Talk will be another not to Miss in the Main forum, to confirm the Seat please look to www.uamccevents.com
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Ron Musgraves

Past President
Instructor list

Everett Abrams - Wood Restoration
Tracy Handl - Pressure Washing 101
Tony Shelton - Coil Cleaning / Environmental
Michael Stuart - Window Cleaning
Larry Hinkley - Expert Maint
Paul Kassander - Fleet Washing / Interior Cleaning / Preventive Maintenance
Russ Johnson - Equipment Maintenance
Shawn Galvin - Water Fed Poles
Paul Schneider - Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Expert
Dwight Rowe - Window Cleaning Expert
Doug Rucker - Master Residential & Commercial Training & Marketing
Carlos Gonzales - Hard Surface Restoration Expert
Jerry McMillen - Environmental Sustainable Relations
William Booz - Roof Safety

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Ron Musgraves

Past President

Steven Button CleanFastUSA will Present about
"Making Money while you Sleep" 45

Steven Started his business only a Few years ago and now Runs two Full time Crews, while Steven Sleeps he makes Money. Steven is bound to be a major Player in the Future of this Industry, located in the Florida Market Steven is Changing the industry, Building relations is a KEY part of his operation. Come learn how Steven makes closing easy.
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Ron Musgraves

Past President

Bill Will present a Roof Cleaning Safety course, Bill has been teaching Safety for over 5 Years Professionally. As a UAMCC Board of Director Bill has spear headed the Certifications Programs over last the Two Years. The United Association Of Mobile Contract Cleaners is always Looking for better and Safer Contractors. 45

Safety First!!!

Bill Will Also Present on Business Strategies, over the Years Bills knowledge in making The Right Choices has been a problem he faced early on. He wants to Curve your Learning by Telling you about his Mistakes in hopes he can prevent you from making the same ones. We all have BEEN here and Maybe by Taking this one you can Prevent the Mistakes we all Have made. Bill Will present his Talk
" Making Better Decisions" 45
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Chris Chappell

New member
I thought those were tickets for a contest only, sorry, my mistake. I did not get any in the mail, just from you at the other event.