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How To Build Your Service Through Your Web Site

Bruce Sullivan

Contributing Member
I don't post much but have 4 web sites that have taking my service to a new level.
They have been managed by Laura @ Greencastle.

If you want to take your web site to the next level I highly recommend you check this out.

[h=2]Creating Your Online Business For Years OfGrowth[/h]The class runs from Thursday, October 24 throughTuesday, December 3.
Since each class will be recorded, you’ll be able to listen toit at your convenience if you can’t catch it live. You’ll also be able toreplay it over and over.
EightSessions To Business Growth – Sign Up Here
1. Building A GreatFoundation – Thursday, 10/24/13
2. Using The Best KISSDesign – Tuesday, 10/29/13
3. Mastering Content ForOptimal Growth – Tuesday, 11/5/13
4. Optimizing To YourFull Potential – Thursday, 11/7/13
5. Getting Listed AndLetting Your Customers Find You –Tuesday, 11/12/14
6. Linking Up With OtherPros/Cons – Thursday, 11/14/13
7. ManagingAnd Growing Your Social Network –Tuesday, 11/19/13
8. Accelerating GrowthWith Helpful And Time-saving Tools –Thursday, 11/21/13
Bonus Q&A callTuesday, 12/5/13

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
I use Laura also, in fact she was referred to me by Bruce. She manages my 3 web sites and in fact just totally redid them all.. Laura is awesome and I also highly recommend her.