• As of January 1, 2018 The brand new logo that was created and released in 2017 will be the only official logo in affect and allowed to be used on any electronic media however, any such media like truck wraps, stationary, and postcards will be grandfathered in. Contributing Members will be allowed to use the UAMCC logo in any advertising. Permission to use the logo otherwise must be in writing. Logos used in electronic formats (ie: Websites, forums, etc.) must be linked back to the member’s profile in the UAMCC directory. Contributing Members are members that are paid and current with their dues. Please contact info@uamcc.org with any questions.

I am here to help! Nichole Anglin: UAMCC Director

Nichole Anglin

Good Morning UAMCC

I am Nichole Anglin. I am the director for the UAMCC. I handle all the administrative tasks for the org. If you need any assistance with your membership such as directory listings, forum profile information, website information, renewals, and all other payment functions I am here to help. If you need any information or photos added to your directory listing send them to me. If you are having login trouble on the forum I can help you with that. I can be reached M-Th from 9-2 at 678-439-9274 and nichole@uamcc.org.

I want to insure when entering the organization that all members receive all the benefits and discounts they have available to them. List here is the link to the online benefits available. The helmets represent your membership Status Yellow Free member Blue contributing & green associates. http://www.uamcc.org/contractors/uamcc-member-benefits

This next link is the Associates (Distributor) Discount program. http://www.uamcc.org/contractors/uamcc-member-discounts

These benefits are on going and changing continually. If you are a distributor wanting to offer discounts to our member please Contact Leilani Chostner at leilani@uamcc.org. She handles this program for Distributors. If you’re a contractor please enjoy the Discount program.

If you need help with payment processing or directory listings then I’m here to assist you. If you're not a Contributing Member you may log in to www.uamcc249.com Or give me a call direct to get you signed up. 678-439-9274

Leilani is our marketing person. She handles the web blogging media items & promotion to your customers. If you want to contact her about the next event or customer show or promotion please do not hesitate to text, email, or call her. She also helps contractors with sales programs at shows, which require Our UAMCC VIP Passes. You can Request VIP Passes from all our participating Associates at www.hireuamcc.com. Leilani’s contact info is Leilani@uamcc.org and 714-330-6115 (Call or Text)

We are here to help the membership with any and all questions. Most all things are self serve; we have created modules for you to obtain all your benefits. We email them all in one email & Leilani creates a welcome thread with all them entered into that thread. A user is created for you on the UAMCC forum; you have a user name a passcode. If you have trouble either one of us can assist to obtain access; this was issued to you in your original email and keep in mind the info is case sensitive. We do not mind getting on the phone with you to walk you through the process. Our president has a volunteer, Tiffany, who sometimes is available to also assist if you find out myself or Lani is not available. Text her only at 602-421-3744; she is very fast at helping you get access quickly if she is available.

Other members on the team are:

Bill Booz: Standards and Practices Committee Chair. Bill handles all the certifications for the UAMCC. He can be reached at certifications@uamcc.org.

Tony Shelton: Environmental Committee Chair. Tony handles, along with his entire environmental team, helping change the industry's perception among the general public and local governments. If you wish to join the team you can contact him at tonyshelton@uamcc.org.

Morgan Booz: UAMCC Newsletter Editor. If you wish to submit an article for an edition or want to suggest an edition contact Morgan at editor@uamcc.org

All of our BOD Member contact information can be found at http://www.uamcc.org/about/directors.

Thanks for being a member and we look forward to helping you out anytime!

UAMCC Profile for Marketing

Marketing Director
Good morning UAMCC! Nichole will not be in today, if you need any assistance please contact me at 714.330.6115. If you have any admin tasks that need to be handled please email Nichole at nichole@uamcc.org and she will take care of it tomorrow morning. Thank you all and have a great day!!