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Instructions for Certification for ALL Members (WASH WATER CONTROL and SAFETY Certifications ONLY)

Nichole Anglin

Please note that there have been a few changes to the qualifying process effective December 1, 2014.

Make a separate thread in this area titled: "I'm Qualifying for (Name the Certification) Certification: Your Name"

EX: I'm Qualifying for Roof Cleaning Certification: Nichole Anglin"

1. Please state which test you are wishing to qualify for. Please make a separate post for each certification you wish to qualify for.
  • Wash Water Control
  • Safety

2. Post the documents necessary for verification of your time.

If over 5 years in business we only need documentation proving years in business.

We will accept these documents:

  • Business License
  • Incorporation Documents
  • Secretary of State
  • Trademarks
  • Membership to Industry BBS (Including the UAMCC)
  • Bank letter
  • Insurance Co Letter

If under 5 years but more than 2 year in business,
please post documentation of outside training as well as one of the documents listed above. Minimum of 10 hours outside training in the field of requested certification including safety practices, field techniques, or general knowledge pertaining to the certification. Documents we will accept:

  • PWNA boot Camps
  • IKECA training
  • OSHA Training
  • IWCA Training
  • Personal Contractor training & Mentoring
  • Industry events if the event organizer is willing to write the letter of completion on Stationery or Business of event group.

If you do not meet time requirements and are under 2 years, do not worry, you can always start the process and take the test. Then once you meet the time requirements you will become certified.

Please understand these lists are not exhaustive at this time. If you have any questions about what we will accept, send an email to certification@uamcc.org.

3. Send an email to testrequest@uamcc.org letting us know you posted your requirements. This also gives us the correct email address to send your test information to.

Once we have reviewed the requirements and you have meet the criteria, we will post that you are approved for testing. We will send an email with further instructions regarding testing.

When you have completed the test we will send you your certification and post that you have passed.

Testing will be conducted the third week of each month. We will post whether your qualifications have been met or not during that week also.

Once you pass the test and become certified in any given field, that certification is good for two years. Renewal policies will be updated within the coming weeks.

Good luck to all!
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James Twist

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Re: Instructions for Certification for ALL Members

Do you have my docs from the Orlando show?, what else do I need to take the test?

Jim Twist Oliver Twist Pressure Cleaning West Palm Beach Florida 561 248-1053

Nate Swarr

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Sorry to copy and paste, but wanted to put this message in multiple areas so everyone would see it.

Hello everyone! I apologize for my scant availability this past week; it's been a long holiday season, which I'm sure many of you can relate to. I have an important announcement to make about certs, I think some of you may have already been informed. There have been some issues with the UAMCC email inbox as of late, which required us to purge most of it without being able to fully go through everything. We apologize profusely if we missed or lost information that may have been sent to us because of this. Also, certification invites and testing are on hold until January 10th as we prepare for the new year. If you had information that you needed to get to us to meet the requirements for certification testing, please resend it to the UAMCC email after January 3rd. If you have any questions or anything, please let me know with a personal message or to my email (n.swarr@accuwashmd.com), and once again, we are wholeheartedly sorry about the inconvenience. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season, and has a safe and fun New Years!

Evan Bobrick

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I'm Qualifying for (Wash Water Control) Certification: Evan Bobrick