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lost contract

Lonnie Greenwood

New member
hey guys i need some input been washing heavy equipment for 2 years in fl well this weekend went out to start washing on the side of highway an here comes a white county car an a state trooper they told me that i could not do that thats fine i pack up an leave i call the company to let them know what happened so the comp wanted me to purchase a portable wash pad 55k know i told them they wanted me to wash any way what shoud i do what would you do its a 60k year contract please guys help me out with this this hurts :pukey::pukey:

Lonnie Greenwood

New member
they told me i was not aloud to clean on the side of the highway with out reclaiming my water a catch all the grease from be wash in to the dirt.

Greg Nash

New member
Lonnie i would check into the price of that wash pad again, 55k is alot for a wash mat. I see construction companys all the time washing on the side of the highways, if your just washing to keep the radiators clean it shouldn't be a problem.

Lonnie Greenwood

New member
it has to be a metal because of the track eouipment it will tear the mat when the drive up on it and they said that is a big fine with this did not know how much there getting strick here

James VanHandle

Let us know how it works out guys!!
Here is an idea. Dont over think this stuff. Buy a large water proof tarp,lay it on the ground,put your equipment on it and line the outside with pool backflush hose filled with sand (barrier). Buy a small sump pump and put it on the low end of the tarp and pump your wast water into another tank. All this would not cost $50k. TAH DAH!

Jimmy v

Lou Zehnder

New member
You could always put down those heavy workout mats or horse stall rubber mat.s ....I would think oak wood could also work. Putting this on top of the rubber lining should work.....

Mike Schoeben

New member
Look into rubber roofing membranes. These things are super thick and super durable. Track equipment shouldn't affect it at all. berm the edges and use a sump pump. Under $1000.00. We don't do equipment washing, but that's the route I'd go.


Contributing Member
All of these are good ideas. If you buy the 50,000 set-up how would you pull it around? I have used the tarping with sump pumps. However you will need a waste hauler license to haul more than 110 gallons of waste water. If this is heavy equipment then you have mud to deal with as well so if you go with a sump pump get one that can pump solids. You could also set up a heavy equipment trailer that you pull the equipment on that has a grating system on the deck. Give me a call I can help you do this the right way for alot less money and solve the problem of hauling waste water by treating it first.