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Minimum Charge For Service

ReVamp Hawaii PW

New member
Hey guys,
Hope everyones holiday season is going great!
When it comes to fleet washing, does anyone charge a minimum fee for showing up each time at a jobsite, even if its an account that is done bi-weekly? or Are your charges only for each vehicle?

ReVamp Hawaii PW

New member
Hey Ron,
Thanks for the video feedback I appreciate it. It would not be profitable to go and service a account with a few trucks and charge it per unit. I need to look at my costs and what makes sense to do a job and at the same time make the customer aware of why I would charge a certain fee. We all work to be profitable and to deliver a great service and at the same time offer competitive prices. I have learned that there is obviously a bigger picture then cost per unit. Thanks for the insight.

Paul Kassander

UAMCC Associate Member
I will on jobs that are out of the way but typically mine are all in the same area so if they have one truck I can still offer a reasonable price.