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My response to a home owner today

Damaris Sutton

New member
I had a home owner actually contact me and give me a choice. If I wanted to work in this harsh economy I could strip/pH balance and stain his 500 SF deck for $350 or he would let his handy man do it.

This was my response:


Doug Dahlke

Donating Member
I have had a few of those this year. Turned down one job involving painting and power washing and the homeowner couldn't believe I was walking away from his offer of "fast and easy money."

Had a Service Magic lead two days ago. The homeowner said if you give me a good price on the house you can do the driveway and deck too. So lets see, if I don't charge what I should for the house I can do more work for less money. By the way the house had aluminum siding. I didn't even call her.

Damaris Sutton

New member
This is a huge problem I have had with home owners for years. everything is geared to make sure they are not robbed. When will some authority come in and stan d up for the contractors rights?

They set up stings to catch un licensed and un insured contractors. When will they set up stings for homeowners that get too many quotes or want work performed for dirt cheap.

I have it...It is the fault of the home owner that there are unlicensed and un insured contractors. They want us to give our work away so cheap we can not afford these things.

:clap::biggrin: We should work up a quote for insured work and uninsured work and see the reaction...


New member
Insured and uninsured quotes. that's a good one. Yep all year I've fought it. I just keep standing my ground. I know the college painters got me on one the other day. I actually lost my cool when he called me back and I told him if I knew he wasn't wanting experience on the job why'd he call me??? Not too much you can do.

You're right though, there's nothing really to protect us. I give quotes all day long that I get laughed at about. Some end up seeing things my way and some don't. Fortunately deck work has stayed pretty well up there for the most part. Although a lot have been "solid color" jobs (not my choice theirs) it's been going pretty well. Anyway good luck out there and keep educating that customer...

Henry Bockman

New member
Insured uninsured prices, I love it! Why don't you just say.

AHHHHhhhh I understand, you want a half assed job for a half assed price. I'm sorry, I thought you wanted it done the right way so you would actually be able to use it.

I can riddle that cedar deck with splinters just as easy as billy joe bob can.

Let me give you my best price, just bend over this railing......

Isaac Baghdanov

New member
I had one guy call last month in the middle of a condo job, first thing he said when i answered was "Do you wanna work? None of the mexicans or negros do!"
My reply was "Sir, I am working, how can I help you?"
"Dango gadnambit sonsabishes dont wanna work!"
"Ok......what can i help you with?"
"I gotta luminum sided house, youll need to scrub it with some stuff I bought way back when, wurks pretty good, then youll need tuh......"
At this time I kind of tuned him out and said " I think I'll pass on this one, I have too much work right now."
The end.