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Nail Holes?

Florin Nutu

New member
We usually dont fill the nail holes with anything. I have use wood putty a few times for cracks and such, that might work.

Ken Fenner

I have never seen anyone fill nail holes on a deck, Carlos. Too tiny to worry about in most cases. On new constructions hardwoods with countersunk screws I recommend to builders to mix sawdust with Gorilla glue. Its a perfect match in color and actually holds sealer color.

Terry Miller

New member
Think of a deck as a live human being. As we get older, we shrink and warp. So do decks. We don't usually fill our holes as they get bigger.
Thanks for asking! LOL

ShineBrite LLC

Contributing Member
Driving down nails comes standard with all my deck work. I use it as a value -added service that most all customers appreciate. After cleaning we'll drag framing hammers over the rows of nails and if the hammer catches, we knock down - one whack - easy. Nothing ruins a day like having a toe sliced open on a protruding nail head.
We also run in screws where needed to pull down.
Never seen nails sink over time, although nail gun jobs can look that way. We only use screws on new deck construction or resurface jobs.