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New construction pricing


New member
Hope everyone is doing well :)

We have been invited to bid on a new construction clean up job. It's just 2 concrete slabs, they are new so not too dirty. We've only been doing residential work up till now, so I'm not really sure how to do the pricing for this one. One is 100 by 50 feet, and one is 250 by 150. I've been reading around, but the prices I've been finding have been anywhere from 2 cents to cents a square foot. I've been thinking maybe 4 cents. Does this seem reasonable? am I way too high or lowballing it? Any input is welcomed :)

Ken Fenner

Thats way too low for such a small one-time project. Be very careful with green concrete (new). The number is probably closer to eight-ten cents per s/f.

Paul Barkley

New member
I would say that around 6-8 cents per sq. ft. would be a min. I would also recommend that you use caution with new concrete, easily scars in some cases.

John Burdine Jr

Contributing Member
We've done it. Sometimes the builder just wants a rinse, talk about the different levels of clean with them and that helps determine pricing.

Aaron Ritchie

Contributing Member
I'm cleaning a 32,000 sqft building at Elon Collage brick new construction and got about four more smaller ones lined up.

Aaron Ritchie

Contributing Member
Great to see you Aaron. Sounds like a big job.

Doug Rucker Clean and Green Solutions 281.883.8470
Yep right fair size but you know it's just like cleaning a well house one brick at a time ,there's just a few more brick in this one I'll get some pics next week.

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Hey Aaron. question for you. Is there a way to get the color back in this brick where the algae was. After cleaning it left this white stain. almost like it sucked the color out.

before kingwood chimney cleaned.jpgafter clean chimney kingwood.jpg

Lenny Schrecengost

Contributing Member
We did some new brick on February. It had some white brick that the white would come off with a lite scrub with a soft brush. They said they would have someone come in and reface them. We used our roof pump on it and did not have trouble. The problem occurred on the building that was done before we started.

Rance Tilley

Contributing Member
we did a new McDonalds clean-up and we charged 10 cents psf. It was over 15,500 Sq.Ft. and we use an 1 1/2 fire hose hooked to a fire hydrant for water volume.