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New Jersey Event

Eric Seitz

New member
We just returned from the New Jersey Event and had a great time. A big thanks to the UMACC-Ron Musgraves/ Bill Booz, Softwash Systems- AC, Colm Fidgeon of Precision Power Wash, all the vendors and all who donated prizes for the giveaways. We were treated to some fantastic food and drinks both days. It was a great event to learn and network with some of the top guys in the industry.

Hank Timmermann

Contributing Member
Guys and Gals,

For those who didn't have an opportunity to attend this was a great event in more ways than one. First my hat is off to Colm and his great staff(Jenna and Paddy(sp?)) of Precision Power Wash who opened not only their shop but their hearts as well. They are such gracious hosts. So much food and beverages for all to feast on. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were spectacular. There was even a live band today. AC and his lovely family were nothing short of fantastic with their support of our industry. I was able to see some friends(Mike Derose, Ed Thompson, and Dan Cronauer) who have supported my efforts, from the very beginning. Other supportive good friends who I had the pleasure of meeting this weekend were Eric and Lisa of A & E Roof Cleaning, Zach and Christina Maynard of A to Z, Brian C. Jackson, Pat of Charlie's Roof Cleaning, Art Oliveri, Matt Lancaster of Roof Rescue and Mike of Gutterdogs fame. Listening to Bill Booz and his passion on safety was not only extremely informative but enjoyable. This will help seperate my organization from others in my market. Also, Bill is just a heck of a nice guy. I also developed friendships with Frank Bainer and his nephew, Jon Teed of Vesta Wash, Jim Williams of Williams Pest Control.

I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to meet so many great vendors like Logomotive Promotions, ACR Products, Pressurewasher.net, J. Racenstein, SunBrite, PowerWasherStore.com and many more. The guest speakers like Ron Musgraves, Jerry McMillen, Carlos Ozoria and John Depalma did a fantastic job with their presentations.
Thanks again to everyone who organized, contributed and participated in this event.


Bill Booz

UAMCC Board of Directors
It was great to see all of you and read your heartfelt posts. Thank you, and I hope to see more of you soon.