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John Tornabene

Member Guest
Scott's here...Run for the hills:) Scott how much longer r u guys selling the PW Maffia Pink shirts?? No its not for me......My wife wants one.

Scott Millen

New member
Scott, I was hoping you'd show up over here!

I can't believe I dropped the ball and missed this last sale, remind me with a ballbat visit next March, I don't want to have an excuse next time around....unless there is a way right now?

Share your ideas and opinions here, we need input from guys like you. Let's build something we can be proud of:cool:

Carlos Gonzales

New member

Welcome and am pleasantly pleased to see you over here. I trust you will see your way through the different threads that have started here. Not sure how much you know of the UAMCC or where the assoc. is at today but feel free to dive into the thick of things.

If we have the answer ...we will give it. If we don't, we will tell ya we don't. Alot of positive energy over here and we trust you will add to the that.

Thanks again for logging on!!!!

Carlos Gonzales

New member
The TT wants to put the rush for volunteering to the Oversight Committee in "neutral" right now.....you guys that have volunteered already signed your life away.....:D:D

Really, we feel it is prudent and fair to give everyone the details about it. After you read the fine print :rolleyes: then one can decide to volunteer or not.

Believe me, there is plenty of room for work so don't be surprised if some of you get calls in the near future....hint...hint!!

It's all good and welcome again Scott!!

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Oh I know Scott. I'm not quite sure what I got myself into, yet. lol

Carlos, I understand what you are saying. Kind of like putting the cart
in front of the horse.

Thanks David....we should be getting the details out in front of those that are interested in a couple of weeks.