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Powdered bleach from Delux

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
Maybe that's next. How about a big cannon that shoots 3 inch pool tablets on the roof. The will disintegrate into powder upon impact.

Just drive by, shoot the house - then leave and let the afternoon rain shower take care of business!

Wow, it takes a guy from Las Vegas, the land where nothing can live on a roof - the place where ants go to the roof to commit suicide - to think of this genius idea?

Come on guys INNOVATE!!!

(NOTE TO MICHAEL T> But it feels so goooooooooood!

Guy Blackmon

New member
CH has been around for a while. If it worked someone would have figured it out way before now. Delux really stepped up and did the right thing. I kinda feel for all parties involved. I'm still not sold on the "Soft Wash System". I'm no "Expert" by no means, but I do know that it takes more than 60-90 psi to properly wash a house, but it is perfect to wash roofs.

Damaris Sutton

New member
I would like to take the leap and try the powder out on a roof. I still like my 12.5 and my own detergents and surfactants I can mix at the strength I need on a job to job basis, Radical Revolution®.

Chris Tucker

New member
I think AC is working on solving the scale residue problem of the bleach powder. If he is successful, it would sure be convienient to carry some bleach powder around with you for when you might need it.

Ron Musgraves

Past President
Staff member
I would think the next distributor will test the product with the highly skilled roof cleaners such as Chris tucker , Larry Millette , William Booz III or Doug Rucker.

These roof cleaners are real vets that have countless experience with methods of various masters.

Ron Musgraves text me for questions 480-522-5227 Pressure Washing Institute

Russ Spence

Active member
Looking back on this it was started as a sort of a joke but I forgot to finish it up. FYI I have never used powdered or tablets for anything on the bleach side of anything.