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R U a Potential UAMCC member--POLE

UAMCC membership

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John Tornabene

Member Guest
Back in my PWNA days I really did not want to belong to more then one org. Today I belong to 3 orgs. I was, I am and I will still be a UAMCC member once this org. is in full operation.

How About YOU?? Check off the Pole above and also comment here about your decision. I know I'll be interested to read what the choices are since they all will one day impact the value of my membership.

John Tornabene

Member Guest
My answer was I am and will continue to be a UAMCC member. Besides my business being credible due to the very least me lasting now 13 yrs in this industry. I also believe if an Org. is on the right track then me becoming a member can add more credibility to my business along with the potential Marketing that an org. can add to my business.

So how about YOU?? Whats your stance and Why??

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Quick comment about the poll above. The one question in the poll ask whether you were/are a UMACC Member?

Unfortunately those that were members under the UAMCC/Delco management will not be able to carry their membership over to the current UAMCC.

The new UAMCC will start from the beginning on it's membership.


With that said the new poll was adjusted to reflect whether you "were" a member of the UAMCC vs. "were/are" a member.

Thank you!!