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Rookie needs Help with a proposal for an apartment complex

Augusto Cordeiro

New member
Hi Guys ! !
I got a call from a manager in an Apartment Complex, They have 12 buildings and they want the STAIRWAYS cleaned, there is a total of 72 stairways. I don't know when it was the last time they got cleaned, probably never. I took several pictures, I just don't know how to get pictures from my Galaxy 4 (android) in here. (If anybody wants to help me with that, that would be much appreciated). Anyway, they are 3 level buildings, with a kind od grey siding that looks really dirt. I think just a normal house wash solution would do the trick. What you guys think? Now here is the trick part, there is a lot and I mean a LOT of rust stain from the metal on stairs and railings. They asked for 2 bids, one just for regular wash top to bottom. and other bid with "Rust Stain Removal". I already know what you guys will say. F9 Barc is the solution, I already spoke with Craig once, I want to be an officially Authorized F9 Applicator. I think there is only one other guy in my state that does. I haven't yet placed my order and filled my application; I will try to get done today, I been busy with my first Commercial Job (Yep ! I got the job for the Post Office, I am doing their 17K SQFT covered parking/garage). Now here is my question for Craig and all those experts out there. How much F9 I will need? I know it's kind of hard to know without looking at, but pretty much all the 72 stairways, every single one has quite a bit of rust. Now what's the best procedure, I should first spray the F9 with my sprayer from top to bottom, then I go and apply my soap with my downstream, and finally rinse all of. How long should I let F9 sit on surface (siding, concrete steps, etc), how long should I let before applying my soap and rinse? How long it should take to clean each stairway ? How much shoud I charge? Please HELP ! I know it's a lot of questions, I apologize. If you prefer to DM me or you can call me at 801-205-1973 . I am new to this business and so far I am loving it. I want to become established, but I know that I still have a lot to learn.
Thanks in advance,

Chris Apple

New member
In my experience apartments aren't going to want to pay for a full restoration cleaning like that. But I could be wrong.

Igor Zaric

UAMCC Board of Directors
It's hard to tell you without seeing a photos...But, it looks like you should be able to clean those stairways in a 2-3 days by yourself...Let say you need 15 min per stairway (moving hoses, truck....). Obviously with 2 guys/machines, faster...Once they are clean, work on those rust stains...A case of F9 will get you a 6 gallons of solution (2:1) and that should be enough ( I guess). For those heavy stains , you need to apply 2-3 times...You can always order more if needed...So, day one you finish 4-6 buildings (24-30 stairways) and then go back and apply F9...It would be better and faster to apply F9, after you cleaned 2 buildings...It's gonna get dry by the time you need to move and you are already there (not going back and forth)...Than move to the next one...Once you done , go back with a pump up sprayer and hit them again...Next day, before you start cleaning again, hit them once again with F9 if needed....Again, this would be my plan, but without seeing a complex layout and stains, it's hard to tell....I hope this helps...

Courtney Smith

Contributing Member
Morning guys,

Anyone available for a quick phone conversation? Let me know, and I will def call. I need assistance, I'm bidding on a complex, and want to make sure I am on the right track. As always, thanks for all the help.