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Setting the standard ?

James VanHandle

Honestly guys I didnt want a pat on the back nor was I looking for one, I just wanted to share the fact that the CWA is a thing of the present not the future, I have been educating myself over the last week and reading all I can on the subject, to simplify it for some it goes like this, the water on the property belongs to the property owner, as long as it stays on that property it is fine and you are ok, if for any reason it runs off property and into a storm drain or just down the road or on to another persons property you are in violation of the clean water act and are subject to fines up to 10,000 per offense.

So if you wash a driveway and the water runs down the road you are subject to being fined, if you wash a gas station or a strip mall the rules are the same .... NO OFF SITE DISCHARGE! PERIOD!

We got into compliance to insure the laws are met by us, most here will still allow this contamination but we are going to attempt to be the first to educate our customer on the value of this service for not only them but the environment we live in.
Tell us a little about what you had put into this trailer so we can see what ya got!!
I sent you an email a month or so ago about roof washing and ya never got back to me. What do you use on your roof wash chems. PM me if you would.
Thanks Russ.

Jim Vanhandel

Jim Vanhandel

Matt Bryan

Donating Member
Russ gettin all environmental, next thing you know he will be doing residential work and rooting for Auburn.

Daniel H

New member
congrats on your new purchase Russ, I have used them before pretty neat...I have a homemade vacuboom that works just as good as the real deal.. and have discharge permit at a local water treatment plant... I am still not a sold on the closed loop system yet.. I know the filtering of the water removes the oil and pollutants, but if small particles such as dirt even in the tiniest form, could work like a freakin sandblaster inside the head of your pump.. just my 2 pennies..