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Some tile Cleaning

Bryan Otten

New member
Here is one project I did in Tampa 40 building 2 story


  • marquis complex 200.jpg
    marquis complex 200.jpg
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  • marquis complex 243.jpg
    marquis complex 243.jpg
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  • marquis complex 338.jpg
    marquis complex 338.jpg
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  • 3-15-2009 172.jpg
    3-15-2009 172.jpg
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  • 3-15-2009 177.jpg
    3-15-2009 177.jpg
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Florin Nutu

New member
NICE!$!$!$. Is that the new invisible harness you guys are wearing:biggrin:. Ive done only a few tile up here and I get scared sheetless walkin them. Have the fear of tile surfin down if one comes loose. Same goes with cedar shingle.
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Bryan Otten

New member
We walk them free style (NO ROPES) You think that's NUTS. I got picture of one roof with a crazy pitch ..... Here is one for you LooK :Smiley-2041:

IT WAS PAID DAY ON THAT JOB.... I did one just before that and it was 3.5 times more what that one paid.. $$,$$$$


  • 3-15-2009 236.jpg
    3-15-2009 236.jpg
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  • 3-15-2009 245.jpg
    3-15-2009 245.jpg
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Kory Finley

New member
Nice! those dont even look that bad im suprised the had them done. The orange roofs next door are starting to show some growth as well. I think they are owned by same Co. are you doing those as well?
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AC Lockyer

UAMCC Associate Member

In light of recent developments and deaths I'd recommend attending an OSHA fall Compliance Class and take a Fall Protection Training Class ASAP.