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New member
We in this industry use sprayers of all kinds and highly rely on them!!! I think it would save alot of people money and time if we posted types of sprayers that we use that we feel is quite reliable. This is for all type of sprayers too.
I use a pump sprayer and prefer a Chapin the one with the poly wand and Viton seals. I just wish they made a more comfortable gun for these sprayers. Right now i am trying out a hudson and the sprayer and pump is ok but the gun really sucks plus it came with a short hose i like using about a 4-6ft hose so as soon as wear this out i am putting one on.The Yellow spray hose by the foot at Lowes works well.

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Lots of new type sprayers out since the original post....we've tried many new ones...somehow we always end up using pump ups for spot spraying as it's just easier and less time consuming. For area's a little large than spot treatment, like gutters, I can see how some of the new electric sprayers can be helpful.

Tony Evans

Board of Director
Love my Tommy pump from Power Wash Store. I've also been loving my former for large area pretreat.

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