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Texas Round Table

Eric Flynn

New member
Hey Larry. Eric is for sure coming, but I ran into some problems while trying to register him at NCE.
For some reason, I could type a few letters in each field but then it wouldn't let me go any further. I tried several times.
Is their another way to register?


Larry Hinckley

New member
We just received an Aaladin Wine Carrier with 2 bottles of wine for the drawing from Aaladin Cleaning Systems. We also received from HYDRAMOTION 3 manual 5 gallon drum pumps, 1 manual 35 gallon drum pump, 6 hats, 10 $100.00 cupons for Sidewinder purchase.


Jeff LeCours

New member
Just landed back in Myrtle Beach from the Texas RT, W(who knows where my luggage is Argggg LOL)

It was a very good event. I can't say enough about the Hinderliters they were great hosts. My hats off the Ron M and NCE, there was a ton of speakers and stuff to do in one day and they pulled it off without a hitch. They had three areas and broke it up in those areas and contractors went and saw what they wanted to.

I talked with several contractors about the UAMCC and got some good insight and I think a couple will be joining and more are taking a look. I enjoyed myself a lot, It was great to see all the contractors and vendors

The skid giveaway at the end of the day was exciting it came down to the last two keys, it was a little nerve racking, there was probably 30keys and the last two key where Lightning Gene and Fullblast, I was routing for both of them, Gene tried his key...nope, I was sort of hoping he won, since he always says he never wins, so it came down to the last key, I know Ron M and others, myself included was thinking what if the last key doesnt work. well full Blast from PA put his key in and the lock OPENED . I laughed my butt off, Ron let out a holler and jumped. Fullblast is a real nice guy, nice family and I know he really can use the skid. The last key won, what are the odds of it coming down to the very last key

Got to hang with Eric great guy and supporter of the UAMCC, thanks for coming to hang with me Eric, spoke with Mike T Centex another great guy.
Mike Hinderlighter has quite an operation there in Texas, had trucks coming in most of the day and I watched his crews just knock them out and get them clean in about 20-30 minutes. Larry Hinckley kicked butt, that man has a ton of energy, he kept it moving and was helping everyone. I got to talk to some companies that make millions and got to hear about their operations one on one and a couple mentioned they like what they are seeing in the UAMCC and are watching and may join soon, cool!

Had a GREAT Steak at the Cattleman and hung out at Billy Bobs (big place) Saturday night with Sheila from the Window cleaning org, Eric, Russ Johnson, Tony S & his son and a few others great folks, all had a good time listening country music, never saw so many cowboy hats in my life LOL

All in all a GREAT networking event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gene Fivel

New member
I agree with everything Jeff said .it was a great event with lotsa info and prizes.I was hoping with two keys left mine was the one to open the lock. I planned on donating it to the UAMCC to raise money for the next convention or give it away by drawing at the next convention....NOT........Always the Best Man but never a Groom.

Larry Hinckley

New member
Thank you all for taking time from your busy lives to join us in Fort Worth for the Texas Networking Event. I finally met face to face with people whom I have spoken to many times over the years. It was great! I really don't know who to salute first because there were so many great people there. I think I will just say in the most humble manner possible "Thank Each One Of You Who Helped to Make This Possible".

Larry Hinckley

New member
Michael had some serious truck washing going on for half of the day. They were even showing the chemicals that they were using.