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Thanks Cleaner Times...

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Thanks to Cleaner Times for moving the UAMCC BBS up the food chain on the Cleaner Times Website! Such an unexpected suprise...Thanks Chuck...we appreciate it!!

Online Forums / Chat and Information Resources


[SIZE=-1]Please note: All site descriptions and/or product claims are supplied by the link companies themselves. Cleaner Times, Inc. is not responsible for content, grammar or spelling on any of the links. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]01United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners
The UAmCc BBS will serve as one of the primary vehicles that the contractor is encouraged to utilize to convey his/her suggestions and ideas about the benefits they would like to see in the New UAmCc organization.
[SIZE=-1]1 Contract Cleaner's Bulletin Board
Sponsored by Delco Cleaning Systems of Ft Worth.
[SIZE=-1]1 DeckGuide's Wood Care Contractor Network
The #1 forums/bbs site for wood care contractors nationwide! Expand your business, get marketing ideas, share and network to a more profitable business! Visit today!
[SIZE=-1]1 Power Wash Network
The Largest and best bulletin board on the INTERNET. For pressure washing and window cleaning contractors. Learn and exchange ideas with other contractors around the world.
[SIZE=-1]1 Pressure Washing Institute.com
An unbiased bulletin Board for pressure washing education. Over 2,200 members & over 60,000 fully searchable posts. Everything is covered here from flatwork to kitchen exhaust cleaning, housewashing to skyscrapers. Its all here!
[SIZE=-1]1 The Grime Scene
Our forums are designed to educate today´s contract cleaner. From pressure washing, to wood restoration, gutters, windows, janitorial, carpet, floor care and construction cleaning, it´s all here. We offer an online library of articles too!

Jeff LeCours

New member
I havent dealt with Chuck, but I have worked with Jim on a couple articles and met him a a CETA convention in Myrtle Beach a few years ago. Jim is a real nice guy

Go Cleanertimes!!!!

crispy crittr

New member
There is a method to my "madness" on the Cleaner Times Forums & Chat links page. It would take to many words to explain. But I do believe that any pressure washing trade organization's BBS should be at the top.

Everywhere else on the Cleaner Times links pages will stay in alphabetical order.

If you guys ever do what plumbing companies do for their yellow page ads just "show me your incorporation papers and official letterhead" to get moved to the top. (example - "AAAAAAAAAAA UAMCC")

Stay safe & hydrated,