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Thanks FirstChoice of Kentucky

Ron Musgraves

Past President
2010 Sunbrite Supply Round Table

Fellow contractor, DJ Carroll, Easy Pro Property Services, and I shared a ride to the Sunbrite Supply Contractor Event. Held at their new shop in Lawrenceville, GA, it was a six hour drive from Lexington, KY. The temperatures were rising the further south we went. It was a pleasant break from the cold. So, I guess you could say the warm weather was the first benefit of attending a Pressure Washing Network event.
There are more reasons to attend these events than just a chance to win a prize. The Sunbrite Supply hosted event was no exception. First arriving at the event, we shook a few hands of folks we have met before and a few that we hadn’t. This is when the real advantages of traveling to an event networking with other contractors begin. I handed my business card to another contractor and he was impressed with the printing. So I tell him where we get them and how much we pay. Well, seems he was paying more for less and now networking just paid off big time for this gentleman. It is the small stuff you learn, that makes it worth your time to attend these Round Tables. Get to an event as often as you can. Learn from others and better yet, bring your knowledge and teach.

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Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
Nice article Mike. I could have put you on a lift out here in Vegas too, except you would have had the added thrill of taking it to it's maximum weight limit while I jump up and down. (There would have been no extra charge for that by the way...) :coool: