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The Board of Directors Letter to the Membership Released weeks Ago

Ron Musgraves

Past President
I regret that this letter was never POSTED here on official Platform. This Statement was made on October 24 2017 at 8:45am

This is from the entire Board of Directors.

It is with great regret that Ramon Burke has resigned. Unfortunately some have decided to make a situation more than it really needs to be. I ask that everyone relax a moment and ask if the remarks that are being made are fair to Ray or the BOD. These volunteers have busted their behinds to bring you an awesome National event that has shattered records and brought new members on board. Is it fair to tear them down when the facts show that they had nothing to do with this "resignation"? The resignation was tendered when most were still on their way home from the event. The BOD was just as shocked as most of you, but they had the tenacity to stand firm (even through the verbal abuse) and look at the facts surrounding this situation before commenting. I applaud them for this because they really kept their cool.
After most events we have a BOD meeting that face to face attendance is mandatory unless properly excused. This is so that we have a proper quorum and agenda items can be voted on and addressed per the by-laws. Unfortunately as evidenced by the Meeting Minutes we did not have the quorum needed to meet our obligations. Ray's unexcused absence was a major factor for not meeting that quorum and per the bylaws this immediately puts his position in jeopardy. Also to be clear, nothing was discussed in the official meeting that is not in the minutes.
Tuesday an associate decided to have a bash at one of the local resorts and it was brought to my attention that Ray participated in that event which not only stole time from other associate sales, but also was not cleared by me or the BOD. Others were offered the opportunity to go as well but they declined because of their dedication to this organization's event. This in my opinion was the main reason why I decided to confront Ray about his dedication to the UAMCC. It was not to be an attack on him or his character; I just wanted to know why he left and didn't at least let someone know his whereabouts. As Vice President it is his "duty" to be in pocket should things come up unexpectedly
For those that are concerned about times:
Tuesday: Ray left convention before it was over - (couldn't find him)
Wednesday: Missed the Volunteer Dinner, Missed the BOD meeting

Ray did message us about where and what time the meeting was and followed up with a message that he was “not” going to be at the meeting approximately 20minutes later. Everyone was busy cleaning up and loading our equipment so it is justified that his messages did not receive a response. Also note that William had to drive a volunteer to and from the Volunteer dinner and was also concerned about time and place, but he asked more than once so he would be sure to be there. I remember waiting for Ray to show up at the meeting and thinking how weird it was going to be to confront him after all of the questions asked throughout the day about his whereabouts. But since he didn't show, it actually made me question even more, his dedication to his position. In all honesty I was not getting a good vibe, but we all have bad days so I tabled it until I could speak to him. I figured I would discuss it with him personally and hopefully come to a conclusion that would be agreeable between us. The BOD meeting went as planned, but I could not excuse his absence because it was not done in a timely matter, did not meet the definition of an emergency and wouldn't be fair to those that did their best to attend. By the way William was late which gave Ray even more time to be present.
On Thursday I called and questioned Ray about the past few days and his initial response to me was his “resignation”, which would be delivered to me ASAP. I actually thought it was just an emotional response until I received it via Face Book PM. With that I asked Ron Musgraves to contact him and hopefully he would have better luck with the situation, but as we now know that didn't happen. Ray agreed to wait until Monday to disclose to the membership that he had resigned, but that did not go as planned either. I wanted personally to first let the BOD know and then communicate everyone else but things went sour fast.
This is my recollection of events; I stand by them and will post this in the BOD meeting records along with his resignation. Unfortunately the BOD has been slandered for no apparent reason only because we decided to calm down, be responsible, and review all facts before addressing you the membership. Maybe we could've done this differently but we handled this to the best of our abilities while not trying to make a situation worse.
We wish Ray the best and we do not intend on putting up any walls between Ray and the UAMCC, we are all far better than that. And as President I will do whatever is needed to assist Ray with his future ventures as it relates to the UAMCC Organization.