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The Drought?

John Tornabene

Member Guest
Drought??? what drought. Where supposed to be in a global warming according to the tobacco king Al Gore and its already snowed today by me about 7 inches and more to come tomorrow.

Seriously I do believe there are drought area's thruout this country and all I can say about that is let it rain.....and also learn how you can work with the drought to continuously make money-----GOOD LUCK

Russ Spence

Active member
IMO only those that allow them selves be be effected are the ones who have a problem, we worked all year last year in some of those areas

Randall Brooks

New member
We are officially expected to be completely out of the drought by next week. The whole state of NC!!! Only the most SW part of the state is still in abnormally dry condition. :Smiley-2135:
First time in two years!!!

Randall Brooks

New member
I guess were out of a drought now for certin...This is some pics of part of our county this morning. School even had to be canceled. Wife called and said there about to shut down her office to evacuate. Rain called for all week still to come.


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Doug Dahlke

Donating Member
Even though the drought here is over most of the northern counties still have water restrictions in place and probably will for awhile.