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The New UAMCC BOD Elect for 2012 ~ Please Respond

Michael Tessaro

New member
Attn: Ron ,Doug, Guy, John, Chris, Bill, Rob, Blaine and Charlie. I need some contact info for some of you.

I need a cell # to txt to and an email address. I need to txt you the phone # for the Conference call.

We, the current BOD, will be having our final meeting and be turning the reins over on this coming Sunday Jan 15, 2012 at 7est/6cst. After this meeting you can choose what ever time fit your schedules best.

Either post in this thread or send me a PM if you wish to keep it private.

I do have info on Ron, Doug, Guy and John.

So you new At Large members I need your info.


Michael Tessaro

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Michael, an excel spreadsheet was emailed to you a couple weeks ago by Ron. I will send it to you again. the only Email missing is Rob Carey I will send it in a diifferent email.

Ron Musgraves

Past President
That's correct. I got it now. Thanks. I was saying I didn't get it a few weeks ago.

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Sorry Mike, I thought your treasure would have shared it. My fault for making assumptions. Your not crazy I didn't send it directly to you.

Ron Musgraves text me for questions 480-522-5227 Pressure Washing Institute

John Orr

UAMCC Treasurer
The Orr residence is a digital black hole. LOL

I wish I could refute your remark, however I wouldn't have a leg or, as is the case, a knee to stand on. However, I just spent the last 30 minutes going back through 4 email accounts and didn't find any spreadsheets from anyone. If there is one I'm supposed to have, someone needs to send it to me.