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Transfer Pumps for SH?

Bob Gomez

New member
Just wondering what everyone uses to transfer from a drum of SH to the tank? Hope all is well, thankfully spring is here!!

Ryan Freidline

New member
A roller style pump will work for large operations, or just have a fatboy dedicated to the cause, with a seperate small tank for rinsing when through.

Mathew Johnson

New member
been using the same yamada air pump for the last 5 or 6 years, It works great. We pump straight 12 percent, hydroflouric, deck stripper and oxalic, and roof mix, Have never had a problem

William Page

New member
I have a 325 gallon tank set up on a platform about 6 feet in the air with a 20 foot 1 inch line and shut off on the end. It will gravity feed inot the tanks on the trucks down to the last 50 gallons or so. The guy that delivers it uses and electric pumps to pumps it out of his drums into my holding tank every Monday morning.

Brian Wendling

New member
Yo, Will.
We do the same a truck delivers around 400-500 galons every week and then we have a electric pump that does around 25 gal. a minute that will go to all our trucks. That pump has never been rinsed and had lasted 5 years now. The fan on the bottom has been replaced 4-5 times.

Bill Booz

UAMCC Board of Directors
I have the Dual Roof Pump from Paul at powerwashstore.com. With two pumps I always have one ready for transfer.
We used to use the on truck pump to transfer as well and can be achieved easily with a pvc draw tube or a detachable assembly on a multi-tap inlet. We recently upgraded to a holding tank in the truck yard and use an air diaphragm pump plumbed with a siphon break on the holding tank. We do not rinse the pump and it is mounted next to the holding tank. Our supplier uses a much larger AOD pump to fill the tank as well. This eliminates the need to rinse your transfer pump.