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U.S. Census Bureau on Power Washing Trade

Scott Millen

New member
The United States performs a complete census every ten years, next one is due in 2010.

The original official purpose was for building congressional districts, and for enrolling the new territories and states into the Union as they hit their required populations. The effect has often been gerrymandering for political gain.

There is a bit of a controversy right now as we are gearing up for the next census, but no census director has been selected yet. One reason is budgetary (shortsighted) but suspicion of census directors as party apparatchiks has always played a role in determining the directors.

I'd also like to see the UAMCC eventually play a leading role in getting a separate classification and the attendant credibility in the associated business world. Explaining the whole industry, as well as your individual place in it, to every banker and insurance peddler you contact is time consuming and tiring.