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UAMCC response to the TRWD?

John Orr

UAMCC Treasurer
This is a repost from another thread:

Phase 1 Water Restriction in 98% of all Dallas and Fort Worth Area
Tarrant Regional Water District, TRWD is preparing to impose stage 1 water restriction throughout 98% Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. They are unaware of all the methodologies our industry is able to provide for wash water recovery and to maintain health and safety for the general public through power washing. If you are contractor in the area please call immediately to help educate them. Contact Mark Olson, water conservation coordinator, mark.olson@trwd.com 817-335-2491 (Underlining emphasis mine)

It seems that this issue represents an excellent opportunity for our org to assist our contractor - and distributor - members by formulating a UAMCC response to the TRWD. (Personally, I don't quite understand why they aren't aware of the available methodologies, since Ft. Worth implemented them years ago.) We have members in Texas that could benefit from our involvement as a national org.

Let the discussion ensue...

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
http://www.ehow.com/facts_5766389_pressure-washers-regards-water-consumption.html - Pressure washers use less water to clean
http://www.tampagov.net/dept_Water/information_resources/restrictions/#10 - Tampa exempts pressure washers during water restrictions
http://www.lbwater.org/pdf/conservation/presswash.pdf -Long beach says if you have to clean use pressure washers.

That's just a few resources. We need to get our own study. As much as it pains me to say this we could use some of the guys who have time to research this to look into tapping fed money to help pay for the study. I don't mind We're already a 501c3, they already control us anyway.

Meanwhile, we can at least make a statement using existing data on the net.

I know time is short on this one but I am booked solid from this afternoon through next Wednesday. I can help some, but not much in the next few days.

John Tornabene

New member
That's out of my league. Where does the level of importance for Powerwashing fall into when there are certain levels of water restrictions?? Probably a good idea for the UAMCC to look into that. Sgt.Walsh said on that video that you should join your associations because there the ones who should be looking out for your best interest...or something to that effect. Sit back and do nothing where's the benefit to the members? At least gather info-- that alone is a benefit to the members.