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Who Donated any Money in 2008 & 2009????

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Eric Flynn

New member

I believe Scott D. and Mike Tessaro are the moderators for this thread.
One of them will have to officially close it.


Ron Musgraves

Past President
Hey I am a mod here on UAMCC, I unfortunately do not know how to close or remove a thread that has played itself out or one that has become argumentative
I ask another mod or admin, to please close this down. Ron said he got his answer from a BOD member so this thread is done in his words, lets close it

I refuse to get into any of this past stuff, I have dealt with it how I dealt with it and however someone else wants to deal with it, please do, but not here on the UAMCC BB any longer in this thread

Thank you

Ok, truthfully I'm very happy with the BOD that answered my question.

Its was never answered they do not know and they are not going to pursue or expect to get the numbers from 2009 much less 2008.

I'm very happy with straight forward honest answers like this. This question should never be brought up again unless the Leaders here decide to pursue or as Ken has stated file a law suit.

Now my original Questions had nothing to do with what Carlos did or didnt do with his money. The org membership money was Carlos according to the Corp commission under the Law of private corps.

I just simply wanted to know about other Donations that have and were made to the org.

I truly do not see the harm in asking, i made it very Clear if it was personal to you then dont answer. Business between the org and members is somewhat personal. Sorry if I offended anyone for felt like I pressured them.

The people who texted, emailed and call about there donations I appreciate.

As far as closing the thread because someone making accusations about my character I could careless. Much worse has happened to me over the last year with my affiliation of this org.

I hang in because I knew the day was approaching that contractors would be in charge as they are today.

Contractors around the globe that understand that this org could become somethings with a united front not a divided front.

Not my way but everyones way. A voice for the entire industry, something that all could be proud of one day. Something we all could share and talk about for years to come.

I'm truly Sorry for all the members I asked to Join. I feel responsible for there losses, I want to like they do feel that this org can be strong and represent the industry without any further shame.

I dont Blame past leaders like Carlos, I blame the industry for allowing these things to happen. No one person or a Individual on the TT team.

I blame myself for standing by like everyone else and allowing this to happen.

As in history you need to assure the same mistakes are not made.

Now Back to My question.

If you donated in 2008 or 2009 since we cannot get the official records could we please get a tally for a story I'm writing.

I would like to write and article about the Charity possibliltys of a national Pressure wash org.

Its a shame we couldnt have some credits to all the people who opened there wallets to make the org happen.

Many many people donated there time and money. I would love to actaully love to see all those people who worked hard recieve an Award for there efforts in helping the industry.

The UaMcc has had many over the last year who helped Selfless. NCE as a member would like to share there graditude to those who have helped.

Everyone here read way to much into the past.

Beth Borrego

New member

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