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Why USe a Surface cleaner?

Vic Irish

New member
To add to the original question, I really love this paraphrase I heard from a Hydrotek salesman at a seminar in CA: "Cleaning concrete with a pressure washer wand is like mowing your yard with a weedeater."
That says it all, doesn't it?

Joseph Rodgers, we are in the same boat! Don't feel alone, my friend. But remember, the only stupid question is the one that didn't get asked. Asking questions is how we learn, and Doug told me to ask away! They appreciate the give and take, and we can all learn from the experience.

Pete, thank you for all your help and sharing your videos. I like the music in them, but have to say it is an awful lot like the music in my Step Dad's funeral video, and brings back a whole lot of sentimentality on my part :-(. I tried to reply to one of your posts and couldn't post. Will do so when I find it again. Doug told me to always put a check mark in the "Stay logged in" box. Now I know why... Hopefully this post can go through.

I really like this forum, and plan to pick your brains for a long, long time!
My memory seems to be getting better. I remember 2012 like it was yesterday...
We're all still learning,

Your picture of the concrete cleaning with the wand reminds me of a movie theatre I bid. About a month went by and they called asked if I could still do it I booked a time and arrived around 11 that night to work. To my great surprise the middle sections of the main entrance looked like that. A employe there told them he could do it with his uncles washer. I took a more time to make it look better but I stuck to my bid. They thought it looked great. The best part is that after we got it cleaned and looking good they had the employe do the regular maintenance, while on the clock sometimes you can win.