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Broadcasting live events around the country!!!!!

Ron Musgraves

Past President
We will be broadcasting events around the entire country as the year goes on.

Heres the List!

Las Vegas

These events have strong internet conections. All material may not be availiable by broadcast.

Ron Musgraves

Past President
Vegas Meeting Starts at 8:30 am
We are on the 3rd Floor near guest registration Elevators. The room Is Reno I

See you all here in a few Hours...

Roger Gothorp

New member
It is a combined effort of all. This many professionals coming together in one place to discuss business is a great thing. SunBrite Supply, a UAMCC distributor member is the main sponsor. The UAMCC has a sponsorship. Ron/NCE is involved - every contractor here is participating.

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
I don't see how who is sponsoring an event makes a difference. The same contractors attend all of them.

Ron Musgraves

Past President
Are these UAMCC Sponsored events or Ron events? Thank you.

Terry, I am a contractor just like you. I promote all educational related things to the industry. Including the Uamcc and other extended familys to the pressure washing industry.

I'm a member of the Uamcc, have been actually longer than most here.

Let's all help the industry improve.

Thanks all

John Tornabene

New member
Another Roundtable winner!! One day there should be representatives to all the RT's and they should all get together at the same time and same place.. Maybe at a Convention:coool: