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Cleaner Times Readership?

Do you subscribe to Cleaner Times?

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James Foley

New member
I get it and been featured in, Quoted for some an articles, my body was used for a Surface Cleaner ad from a photo that was taken cleaning the Jefferson Memorial. So I love it ! Was sent allot of samples of stuff from Companies and received many many phone calls with questions about cedar shakes from all over the country after being featured. Mag's and Org's make you feel connected !

I receive many Trade mag's it keeps me thinking. A Stone and Marble , Window cleaner, Solid Surface, and I have a couple of Certifications that send me updates on stuff that I really don't use. I also get new product and design updates for better processes thur an E news letter. Some Kool Chit man !

Scott Stone

New member
I have written two articles for them, and been involved in articles with a couple of other people. In fact, I was a subscriber when they had a contractor specific magazine, quite a few years ago. I remember, that I subscribed and never was sent a bill for the subscription. I was thinking that it was like many industry mags that I get, and that it was free for the industry. I wrote an article for them, and the same day that I got my 8 or 10 free copies, I got a subscription bill. It just struck me as really funny then, and even funnier now. I usually get them read the first day, look at it a couple of more times, and sometimes get to keep them for a month, before my wife decides that they are too dog eared and tosses them.
Then, the cycle starts over.