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Cleaner Times Readership?

Do you subscribe to Cleaner Times?

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Tony Szabo

New member
Are you kidding me. If you are in this industry you must receive this Magazine.
Its like a informational mini-convention you recive every month. Great stories and vendors showing off their new wares. and its so much more................

Cleaner Times Magazine is like Playboy Magazine
1) You can't wait to receive it
2) You first look/ browse through it to look at all the pictures
3) It is something you read all week long in the bathroom library
4) You keep it in you bathroom library for several months to reference back too.

I think Chuck and Jim of Cleaner Times should start a reality show "The Boys Next Door" and run around in their office in swimming trunks. They are the Hugh Heffner of Cleaning Magazines.

Ken Fenner

I also voted no but not because I don't think it is a quality publication. When my PWNA membership expired I did not renew because at that time I found many of the articles not relevant to my busines (sewer jetters, ultra high pressure applications etc). I also found the same people being spotlighted, a very heavy lean towards the PWNA, etc.

I received a copy at the ACR roundtable (February) and I must say, it has come a long way. I will be changing my vote to yes very soon.


New member
I voted no because i didn't know there was a such thing. One question though,Does this magazine focus just on the flat and building washing or all fields of PWing? I am a exhaust hood cleaner i would get this if i could see pics and read about KEC. But it does look interesting.

Tony Szabo

New member
I have received cleaner times Magazine for many years. Over the years it covers articles from any type of cleaning applications. It has articles that inspire and educate. It also has articles with new innovations of products and equipment.
If your company just offers one or two services and has no vision to expand and I would say, no this is something you may not be interested in. The Magazine I believe has never been Pwna favored. The pwna is a industry trade org and they pay for their advertising. CETA is also in the Magazine too and they are a trade organization. Don't discredit the Magazine if there is a advertiser in the publication that may be dis-liked in our industry.

I'm glad there is such a magazine for our industry and I will support it all day long for the little money it cost. Its a tool for little money to stay abreast in your industry trade. You need tools like this magazine in your tool box to grow your business. The magazine is just a TOOL to help you! Its not the answer to fix all issues but it may help, as does a 9/16 wrench to take off a 9/16 bolt.

This is where we as end users and contractors are killing our industry all by our selfs. If you can not support something as little as a Magazine that helps our trade with the big picture, please don't complain about the pitfalls of the PRESSURE WASHING INDUSTRY!
We need to support the vendors, manufactures, advertiser not only in a Magazine but also at Round Tables, Conventions, and at any events these people are at.
This is one reason why our Industry struggles to make a bench mark.

Tony Szabo

New member
I hope my above post does not offend anyone, and I'm not looking to start a debate. I just a firm believer to support our industry trade.
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New member
I have a subscription,
I do find very little of the articles apply to what we do ( KEC exclusive) however I do like to see how others have ideas in the industry.

John Tornabene

Member Guest
I love my Cleaner Times Magazine. When I get it I look at the pictures and then I fold over the pages of the stories I want to read which I usually do within the first week..... Kind of does remind me about the Rabbit ears Magazine:)

I also believe in supporting this industry as much as you can thru Org's,Conventions,Roundtables,Magazines,BB's etc etc. Because it also pays you back............
We receive Cleaner Times and always find interesting and informative articles. In addition to areas of cleaning that I am familiar with, it is an opportunity to learn about areas that I have not been exposed to. I also find it a source of new suppliers and products.


Jeff LeCours

New member
I hope my above post does not offend anyone, and I'm not looking to start a debate. I just a firm believer to support our industry trade.

Man, I go to much time on my hands these days. Its going to be a long winter here in Nothern Illinois. Time to find work where it's warm.

Tony I think you made some good points in your post

I get Cleaner Times

Heck had a story writen by me a few years back "On Getting The Work":clap:

Plus they just did the article on the Myrtle Beach RT:cool:

Good mag

Barry M

New member
I subscribe and read most of it.

I also subscribe to Cleanfax (carpet cleaning/janitorial) and Turf (lawncare/landscaping) magazines.

I think it is important to look outside the box once in awhile by looking outside our industry for different ideas. I pull advertising/marketing and other business ideas from other industries all the time. Once I was so inspired by a carpet cleaner's success story that I actually e-mailed him my feelings and he replied. We've exchanged emails a few times since on some different marketing ideas.

Tony Szabo

New member
How far was your research Barry on carpet cleaning? I know of some guys in my area that do ok with it. Its not a bad add on service, to even help on the rainy days that we can't do decks. HUMMMMM????????


Barry M

New member
I've never really researched into the industry as far as methods and profitability, I read more for the general business and marketing ideas.

Though at one point I was almost sold on the Rotobrush thing for cleaning furnace ducts. Seemed like it might work to make some money, but I talked with a local carpet cleaning buddy of mine and a potential investor before coming to the conclusion that the 10 grand wasn't worth it.