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Pics of Your Best Work

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Post em up here Wood Professionals....Lets see some of the magic that you all can do with wood.



Diamond Jim


Scott Paul...

Lets see em.....

Terry Miller

New member
OK I'll Bite.


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Terry Miller

New member
I believe the size of the work does not matter. We have done some very large decks. I have seen some smaller ones we are more proud of. I bet someone has cleaned and stained a children's play area or a front door that looks awsome. Let's see em folks. Share the wealth. This is the way to grow. Thank you.


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    June Projects 20853142840.jpg
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Trevor Steel

New member
Before and After degreasing heavy equipment.


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Rick Petry

New member

That is the most stunning pressure treated deck and job that I have ever seen. Just terrific, thought it was knotty cedar.

A few favorite photos, mostly due to the difficult strips to get the wood back into shape.

Pic #1 - Knotty, western red cedar deck stripped of one layer of acrylic and 2 layers of ? oil stains. Stained with Ready Seal light brown color.

Pic #2 - Older, pressure treated deck stripped of a solid, "picnic table" red oil stain. Replaced all spindles with new. Stained with Ready Seal medium red color.

Pic #3 - Ipe' treads, risers, and handrail. Mahogany spindles. Clear cedar pergola. The hardwoods were stripped of 8 month old Messmer's and the pergola stripped of an 8 month old Sherwin Williams solid oil stain. All wood stained with Ready Seal medium red color.

Pic #4 - My absolute favorite picture in the portfolio. Ipe' stripped of a failing Messmer's. ESI's Wood Tux, or more accurately, Ken's WoodZotic color mix is the stain.


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Thomas McMillan

Contributing Member
I know this is an old thread but being a wood guy I had to get in on it ;-) - Wood restoration is what brought me into this biz and I hold more than one cert in wood restoration currently. So here are a few I'm proud of.....


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Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Very nice work Thomas

Doug Rucker
Clean and Green Solutions
Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning School
Call or Text 281.883.8470