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Roof Cleaning in Elkton Maryland

This house needed a roof cleaning badly - the back had patches of lichen and moss. The homeowners are getting the siding replaced soon or we would have cleaned that as well. With this roof cleaning, these roof shingles should last them 5 to 7 years longer before they need a new roof.
Roof Cleaning Maryland (Before)Roof Cleaning Maryland (After)Roof Cleaning Maryland (Before)Roof Cleaning Maryland (After)Roof Cleaning Maryland (After)

James Foley

New member
I'm not sure if it's me but those photos are not that good for before and afters. I have had many many roof photos I can't use because of the time of day, sun , too much water, not black enough and so on.
We have gotten better pictures before, but I still wanted to share these. This homeowner is getting new siding, as I mentioned above, so they didn't need us to clean it. Believe me, we tried!