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Sample commercial contract/Proposal forms


Staff member
Hey Michael,

Right now we are working on getting all the documents on what we call the UAMCC store to be able to be downloaded. For now we have a Facebook group I can invite you to that has a bunch of documents you may be looking for.

Thank you,
Alex Hennessey


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Not sure if this is what you are looking for but we use some wording like this:

Cleaning only includes limestone on the east and west facades. No roof structures or sidewalks will be cleaned. XXXXX will supply all equipment, pay all permits, labor, and everything else pertaining to the project with the exception of waste water removal which will be discharged down a drain inside the building XXXXXX.

Job Notes:

A payment of 40% ($XXXXXXXX) Is required to start the project and must be paid 30 days prior to starting the project to ensure adequate time to get all permits in order. Remaining 60% ($XXXXXXXX) to be paid within 14 days upon completion of the project.

Alternatively, the client may pay in full at the time of the work being performed.

Due to the nature of stone, there may still be a stain from non organic matter left behind. This is normal for the stone. All previous damage will be documented and photographed. This cleaning does not include copper polishing and only includes limestone surfaces on the east and west sides. Limestone appears to have heavy iron content inside it causing it’s orange yellow hue and may retain this color.

Client will accommodate us to discharge waste water through a drain inside the building.

Contractual Agreement:

XXXXXXX agrees to complete all work outlined in this quote.

By signing this invoice, the client shall pay the monetary value in this invoice within (14) days upon completion of the work outlined in this invoice. 40% of the total bill shall be paid prior to starting the project. Payments accepted are cash, credit cards, debit cards, and checks made payable to XXXXXXXX

Oxidation Notice:
Client acknowledges that parts of the building may be oxidized and may remain discolored. Party also acknowledges that water and chemicals will be used on the exterior of the building and there is a possibility of water and chemicals entering the building where a water barrier is damaged or non existent. Typically this is not an issue with brick exteriors and is mostly an issue with old painted surfaces.

Rescheduling Of Service:
Rescheduling before first service will result in a 25% charge of the sales price for rescheduling expenses and must be done 30 days prior to service. This proposal may be withdrawn by XXXXXXXX if not accepted within 14 days.

Termination Of Agreement:
The party desiring to terminate this agreement shall do so by such party giving the other party thirty (30) days prior notice of its election to terminate via certified mail and the deposited 40% is non refundable as we use this money to buy supplies, permits, and other required materials for the work. All pressure washing is guaranteed to be as specified and the above work to be performed in accordance with the specifications submitted for above work completed in a substantial workmanlike manner for the sum quoted above.

note: signature on invoices will not be required by the client in order to receive payments for all maintenance agreements.

The above prices, specifications and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. XXXXXXXX is authorized to do the work as specified without further authorization. Payment will be made as outlined above.


Mark Hadjar

Contributing Member
Hello - have these documents/contracts been added to the website yet or is it still only on the FB group?