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Should pressure washing companies be licensed

Should pressure washing companies be licensed??

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New member
Absolutely should be licensed and enforced. We have so many people refusing to follow EPA guidelines on reclaim and waste water disposal. People strip lead paint off buildings etc. This is something that can harm the environment. Think of all the fleet washers out there just dumping oil and soap on the ground and it gets into our water systems.

jimmy french

New member
How much did you pay in insurance last year?

Last year for liability and my own workers comp I paid less than 4k. That's $76.00 per week max.

One good hot water machine costs about $4k. Assume the hacker stole his. That another $76.00 per week.

As far as taxes go, if you are self-employed and are paying much of anything in taxes percentagewise you need a new accountant to tell you where to spend your money so the tax argument is out the door.

So it costs the LEGAL contractor working alone about $150 per week more to operate. That's $30.00 per workday more.

If a hacker is beating your price by more than $30.00 for an ENTIRE DAYS WORK, you can't blame that on being ILLEGAL. You can't throw the "hacker label" and cry foul when he's willing to do a driveway for $50.00 and take all day doing it when you want $199 and finish it in an hour. That's not hacking, that's HUNGRY and that's capitalism and its LEGAL.

If he does bad work it will catch up with him. If he wants to do good work he will try to learn how to do the job better and faster. That's his problem. Not yours or mine.

Your problem and mine is doing work that stands out enough to bring in customers in SPITE of the other guy's hunger. If you can't succeed in doing that then maybe you're in the wrong business and your expectations are too high for the market.

Licensing to raise prices is corrupt and immoral. It's using the heavy hand of the government to your own ends to put money in your own pocket plain and simple.

Very well spoken Mr. Shelton, I like your views. You seem to be very well educated and it shows that you think about what your saying before you say it. If more people had your morals maybe this country, or world for that matter, might just be a better place to live in. Thank you for your intelligent and unbiased opinion.

George Clarke

UAMCC Board of Directors
I am for education and certification. I think as an industry, we don't need any agency to legitimize what we do. We need to go out there and just do great work. I have seen people licensed in their industry. I think it is just false security for consumers who don't do their homework. I have had insurance licenses and took real estate classes. In both cases, I did not learn the industry or how to practice, I just learned how to pass a test.