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Show Off Your Pressure Washing Website!

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Here is our site. Commercial Pressure Washing In Louisville Ky We will be doing some updating later on this winter and would like any advice you can give. Thanks

Well aside from a name change which I am sure you already are doing, I would get your before and after pic's changed to actual pics of your work. I like your site it, very user friendly and easy to navigate. One thing I did on the Angie's list badge is I had Angies"s List make up my own badge so that it takes the customer to my Angie's List Listing. (Should it have it up in a couple days) the reason I did this is because the badge I had is like yours and it says "click here to see my Angie's List Reviews" and when you click it DOES NOT take customers to my reviews, it takes them to a page to try to get them to sign up for Angie's List, which to me is deceptive. You can contact your rep and they will get you one just for you. To a lot of people it may not be a big deal, but to me it is.

You gotta nice site DeJay, other than playing around with it, IMO you don't need to change whole lot.

Jillian Shelton

Contributing Member
I had a nice website that did well. Pulled up on the first page of google. was the first company not sponsored. Then a mistake was made on my part, I paid the wrong product and Godaddy erased my entire website :( Now I am starting over. Its a work in progress..