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State of the UAMCC/ BOD Minutes/Committee/Finance


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Meeting 23, 2016 - 2018

UAMCC Meeting Minutes Call to order- Alex Hennessey called to order the Executive BOD Meeting of the UAMCC at: 12/21/2017 at 2:19 PM EST.

Roll Call:
Director: Alex Hennessey - Here
George Clarke – Here
Kristy White - Here
Patrick Clark - Absent
Tony Evans - Here
Rick Atkins - Here
William Davis - Here
Jamie Schmidt - Here
Josh Pitts - Here

Approval of minutes from last meeting: Meeting 22 on 11/21/17
http://www.uamcc.org/forum/showthre...ommittee-Finance?p=76274&viewfull=1#post76274 Motion: Rick Atkins Second: Tony Evans. Unanimous vote yes. Minutes approved on 12/21/17 2:23 PM EST.

A. Director's Report:

Membership Report
1. New Members- 11 Contributing: 0 Pending to be processed.

2. Renewing
1 Month: November
2 Processed: 13

3 Non-Renewing: 8
4 Total Renewals: 21
5 Past renewals: 5
6 Percentage: 86%

3. Totals
1 Contributing Members: 786
2 Associate: 72
3 Total Members: 858

Financial Report:
1 Regions Operating: $12,817.20
2 Regions Education Fund: $11,732.19
3 Regions Payroll: $2,344.27
4 Total: $26,893.66

Committee Meetings
1) Oversight committee - Everyone on the oversight committee was notified and a meeting had taken place earlier this week.
2) Membership Committee - Jamie Schmidt and Joseph Hardee placed on the membership committee as co-chairs. Josh Pitts to stay on and help during a transition phase. Jamie Schmidt is working on the holiday promotion and a few other projects we will here about in the future.
3) Public Awareness - Meeting to be held in the beginning of January to see who will show up and be active. This will determine if the committee needs more volunteers.
4) Certification Committee - To reach out to Bill Booz to see where the certification committee is at and if they are regularly holding meetings.
5) Environmental Committee - Trying to find out everyone that is on the environmental team is wash water control certified and still active. Going to setup a presentation for next month.
6) Web Committee - The web committee is looking for more volunteers to help manage social media and the UAMCC.org forum. Darren White has joined the web committee. The web committee has voted to ban Doug Gore from social media and the forum for a public personal attack on a member. The vote was unanimous. Ron Musgraves abstained from voting. Board of Directors approved the actions of the web committee.

1) Clean Matters Magazine ad revenue- Detailed report and itemize the profits from the magazine with expectations on the report
2) Magazine budget for social media. Request a budget after an estimated profit and loss report - Tabled
3) Budget change for UAMCC in a Box - Seeing how much the BOMA show will cost to get a more accurate budget change.
4) Name change for UAMCC in a Box - TABLED Come up with a few name changes and present at the next meeting
5) The lease on the office is coming up - Looking at new office spaces
6) IRS has not fixed the online mistake when they said it would be automatically changed - CPA is working on getting the mistake removed
7) Plan for 2018 educational events - Tabled
8) Have sponsored classes to bring in professional speakers to events to teach members - To form a national convention committee to answer these issues
9) Longer breaks in-between classes - To form a national convention committee to answer these issues10) AIG doing the expo part for the national convention - To form a national convention committee to answer these issues11) National convention to not run later than a certain time - To form a national convention committee to answer these issues12) All demonstrations to be done outside of the expo center during allotted times - To form a national convention committee to answer these issues13) Possibility of forming a committee to handle incoming forms discussed - Bodinfo@uamcc.org email was created to handle incoming complaints and grievances or suggestions.
14) To put the third party accountant on Power of Attorney for payroll - Motion: Tony Evans Second: William Davis Unanimous vote yes.15) William Davis to refine the policy put into play on 4/27/17 pertaining to Board members having to be certified - TABLED
16) Past presidents to host a town hall once a month off the UAMCC platform so members can come and ask questions. ALL BOD are encouraged to come and participate. This is to better communication with the members - Get a schedule from past presidents before the town hall goes into play.

Newly Added Discussion:
1) 1 Certified shirt to be given as a member benefit to all certified contributing members in good standing - Motion: Tony Evans Second: Rick Atkins Unanimous vote yes.
2) Bought a trailer in 2016 for $2500. Sold the trailer for $2900 in December 2017.
3) Estimated inventory for 2017 is $16,000
4) Have any directors been contacted by any members requesting to hold a "special meeting." - No Board of Directors have been contacted by any members to hold a special meeting.
5) Annual Membership Meeting in Houston in February - Motion: William Davis Second: Kristy White 4 voted yes 2 voted no. Vote passed by majority vote
6) Board of Director Face to Face meeting at the Houston Event in February - Approved by George Clarke
7) Send a disciplinary letter to Doug Gore to allow him to state his grievances in front of the Board of Directors. Doug has been removed from social media and the forum twice by the web committee - Motion: Josh Pitts Second: Jamie Schmidt Unanimous vote yes.
8) Rob Anderson was voted on December 13, 2017 to be non renewed as a contributing member - Motion: Tony Evans. Second: Kristy White. Vote was Unanimous. 2 abstained from voting.
9) Guy Blackmon was voted on December 13, 2017 to be non renewed as a contributing member - Motion: Tony Evans. Second: Kristy White. Vote was Unanimous. 1 abstained from voting.
10) Dave Nezat was voted on December 13, 2017 to be non renewed as a contributing member - Motion: Tony Evans. Second: Kristy White. Vote was unanimous. 1 abstained from voting.
11) Sent a letter on 12/1/17 to the entire contributing membership about social media conduct.
12) Sent a formal request for documentation and property by certified mail to past board of directors. This request went out on 12/20/2017.
13) An Associate member has an outstanding balance after the national convention and refuses to pay. To be sent a letter to appear in front of the board of directors via conference call to determine a course of action on the associate member - Motion: Tony Evans Second: Jamie Schmidt Unanimous vote yes.
End Meeting- Motion: Rick Atkins Second: William Date: 12/21/17 and 3:45 PM EST.


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