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2011 UAMCC Convention

John Tornabene

New member
So I turned on my PC late at night and I see Ron calling me nuts on the screen. Ahhhh modern technology at its finest.lol

If I had the time Ron and maybe one day I will I'm going to get involved with some org. again. Most likely the org. will be trying to find its way to get to that next level and I have to believe in it. The UAMCC today would be a perfect fit for me but I can't commit to that for another year or two or three.

I am sorry that a bunch of us didn't have some type of emergency meeting and iron all of the perceived problems within the org. It should have been done because us guys all in the same room for lets say a weekend the org. would have been way ahead of where it is today. Better yet I think in probably less then 4 hrs back then and we all would have worked it out.

The PWNA has there set ways and there set guys and they appear to be happy where there at. I am still a member there but I don't get that feeling that they want to be much bigger. For years you thought the same.

The guys volunteering now for the UAMCC are honest and sincere guys. They keep trucking along with this org. it will one day gain momentum again because what this org. stands for and that is a contractors org. for the end user.

So the message is there and we can't take back the "Yesterdays". Call me nuts but I will be forever grateful that I got to meet and talk to Robert in the past about these org's and I also learned alot from talking to Joe Walters about some of the things Robert dealt with when he started these org's. Its a numbers game. To much to get into it here but the message for this org. is there and maybe the Ken Fenners the Rob Huffman's and guys like that do come back when they have the time to help the new leaders. Bad blood and the finger pointing games are long gone. The more I think about it Ron I may be nuts but your nuttier then a fruit cake putting your talking head into a post...lololololol...J/K.....lololol

John Tornabene

New member
Ron I listened to your above video and of course alot of it makes sense and also of course you can never get anyone to agree on everything all the time. So with that out of the way I'll type some quick thoughts. Carlos gave the UAMCC direction when nobody else would take the helm and a few were offered. That was great. So I give Carlos plenty of credit for that because he deserves that. Along the way some of us should have stepped up like myself and done a better job in Helping Carlos steer this ship. From that point on the finger pointed started and the rest is history. I learned and I don't blame anyone person. If the blame game wants to be played then many can be blamed because like you said many don't get involved and they should if they want this org to succeed. I quit and its rare I ever do that with anything so to me thats a disappointment.

The PWNA was no different in certain aspects. I signed on for 3 yrs as a BOD and along the way many quit and some for very good reasons(Health, family etc.) Others quit because of differences of opinions/Direction of the org etc. and some quit as soon as they won there position. Some of that sucks some of it makes sense and some don't give a Rats azz no matter what.....and thats fine to even though I don't take that attitude because I am a big believer that a "group" will always out perform the "One" who stands alone because it takes a group to get many things done that benefits many along the way. Its really a belief system.

You need some type of unity whether it be at times a Union, an Org, A political party, a Religion, or whatever it is to get things done on a large scale. Yes there are many downsides to all the above but its human nature to belong more so then it is to live in the middle of the woods by yourself and stay isolated.

So where does that leave the UAMCC?? Yes it would be great if many people right now would open there wallets and hand over the org. a nice donation to get them moving again but in this economy right now thats a tough sell and its also a tough sell to ask others who did do just that initially to do it again.

Look, This is not an excuse or maybe it is but for now I can not jump back in and run for a BOD position within the UAMCC and truth be told I would most likely lose anyhow because of the past but thats not the reason I don't run. I still have to much on my plate and the one part of that plate is my family and that can't be interupted. The other parts are my Powerwashing business and the inner workings of that along with my "Other" job and working along side with guys there to help them keep there benefits(I have mine forever there pretty much).

So I support the UAMCC the best way I can now is by helping Russ and Beth with running this bulletin board. IF down the road I can get more of the rest of my plate in order I would love to come back in and volunteer for the UAMCC. I'm a rarity and to some like you say may think I'm nuts but I actually like being involved because its a good feeling to try and help others who look up to you to do so. I also look up to the other BOD's like the guys today because I feel they want to help my business and my Powerwashing friends by there leadership and commitments.

If anything my thought patterns have change some because of some more experience I gained along the way and that is I don't look to knock people who want to do any type of RT for the people in this industry even if I think they charge to much or to little in doing so. At least they are doing.....something and that RON is better then doing absolutely...nothing IMHO.