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Dumpster Photos

Igor Zaric

UAMCC Board of Directors
In all truthfulness then, a dumpster is a good money maker, but can also get a contractor in with all the flatwork and building washes? That's a good way, but the thing would be how do you get a busy GM to want to go and look at the garbage dumpsters? Would it just start with the store manager, or if you could get the GM to look at only one before and after in hopes of hitting a grand slam with the entire chain?Who do you sell? Any difference in a big malls dumpsters (bunch of restaurants) vs. small plazas and/or apartment complexes? Would it health & hazard be the major selling point for our service? Does the properties with dirt dumpster get citation and if yes from whom? Are you even doing them or they are just part of the service...?

Whats the best way to go about this? I would like to get them as much as possible....Thank you for any tip and input.