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Ron Musgraves

Past President
Staff member
Simply Post below about the UAMCC or a member who has helped you.

Say something nice about the associates.

Talk about a job you shared with another person from the org.

Hey if your not a Member its ok if you want to win, Tell us about looking from the outside in and how its helped you.

Say anything you want about the UAMCC in a positive Manner, do not worry if you do not have the Password or log in look at your original email to get access.

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Winner winner chicken dinner!!
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Dan Dykstra

Contributing Member
Where to start,
I have been helped by so many on this board. Some I have spoke with and many that have just answered questions that were posted.
I was thinking about adding window cleaning - got all the answers to my questions here
Added concrete cleaning - So many here have so much knowledge and are willing to share in order to help out
very proud to be a member of this organization

Steve Ferguson

Contributing Member
In late 2013, I knew that I was departing the tower business in favor of staying home, and operating my part-time pressure washing business. It became apparent that I was going to need an education of some sorts, and I had a desire to eventually join a professional organization.

Last July, I ordered some stainless steel fittings from the power wash store, and Andy told me about the Orlando event that at that point was just a few days away. I ran off to Orlando, sat in every class I could, and befriended the people who were in the same classes.

Steve Ferguson

Contributing Member
I joined the UAMCC the last day of that very first event. While I was there, I won $100 worth of soap. I learned that I did not know shit about cleaning roofs. I learned that if I really work my business, and follow the examples that are before me, I will have a real business!

Seven months later, I have been to the other Orlando event, and I have built some lasting relationships with my class members. I have learned more in the last 7 months than I have the entire time that I have been out there pressure washing.

The UAMCC, and its members have been helping me since the moment I met them. John Nielson has helped me out numerous times over the phone. Ray Burke is an inspiration, Steve Buttons is too! I will be going to Doug Rucker's school eventually. He's a hell of a nice guy.

All of the people to you UAMCC are incredibly helpful.

Steve Ferguson

Contributing Member
And, I have made some friends in my local area who I feel like I can count on if I need to. Patrick Anthony is one of them.

James Twist

Contributing Member
James Faulhaber helped me out with chemical choices for difficult stains. Tweeked my equipment for better efficiency. Thanks.

Jimmy Jackson

New member
The moment I joined it paid for itself. The knowledge I have gained here has helped me tremendously. sometimes people need help, advice, or reassurance. The UAMCC has given me all that. I know I'm on the right track now. I'm looking forward to a full year of implementing the things I have learned!

Jimmy Jackson
Jackson's Heated Pressure Washing

John Orr

UAMCC Treasurer
Ron Musgraves For President! Oh wait, never mind. LOL

Just wanted to say "thanks" for all you've done for our org.

Steve Ferguson

Contributing Member
I am leaving out so many awesome people that I have met through the UAMCC. Chris Apple, Colm Fidgeon, Dave D'Ermo and everyone who posts on facebook. I learn from all of you, veteran and new.

Tony Evans

Board of Director
Where to start. Ron came to a Midwest event a few years ago when I wasn't even a member. He helped me see what areas I needed to change eventwise and even helped to rethink my views on maintenance cleans. When he approached me later about joining the UAMCC it was a no brainer.
The giving attitude of guys like Ron, Doug, Bill, and Chris (to name a few) made me want to be more involved.
Then there are associate members like Power Wash Store, Southside Equipment, RHG, and Windows 101 that have been great for my business and my org experience.
Best professional choice I've ever made.

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Dave DEramo

Contributing Member
In July of 2014, at the Orlando NCE I finally bit the bullet and became a paying member of the UAMCC. At the time I was low on funds, and truthfully did NOT have the money in the budget, but I new it was a smart investment. From That moment on, my business has been on steep and steady rise. I went from making a few hundred dollars each month to in August, I had $4500 on the books.. And it has gone up every month since.

I value the organization for what it has done and continues to do for this industry. It keeps all of us as contractors close like a family rather than viewing each other as competitors. My closest "competition" which is in my back yard has become one of my closest friends in the industry. We talk regularly, and work together frequently. To this I owe the UAMCC.

I love attending events, and taking classes, and I am honored to have been asked to teach and look forward to teaching again.

And when customers ask about UAMCC certification, I proudly tell them what it's all about and what the organization is. They feel comforted knowing that we as contractors are constantly continuing our education and not only attending but teaching classes. It's sets us apart from other contractors.

I could never show enoigh appreciation the UAMCC, the board, and the membership as a whole. It's not just the name, or the board, but the people of the membership who truly make it what it is.

I will never second guess paying my dues, and I will never look back!








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Nick Loomis

Contributing Member
All the vendors that support the UAMCC have been a big help. Bill, Paul, Russ have helped with equipment related questions I have had.

Chris Dubbs

Outside looking in, I will probably join sooner than later!

From phone meetings to phone call help, too discounts and lead generation across the country it's all right here. Good people making a good industry better.

Looking out for regulations and having the back of the contractors big or small makes this Org one to join.

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Dave Nezat

New member
I don't even know where to start... I have learned a lifetime of knowledge in 6 months... My little company has grown from working out of a mini van to now owning a 14ft flatbed truck... I am now one of the premier exterior cleaning companies in my market.... there are way too many names to even mention... But I do have to tell my story of a great man named Andy Vickers... I have never met Andy personally.... I was looking for an Xjet because I don't have a roof pump yet and needed one for those times where i need a hotter mix... I was hoping someone had one laying around that was no longer needed... I had no responses to my post... 4 days later i received a package from KEC supply with a brand new M5 Xjet... it was purchased and sent to me by Andy... I am still blown away by the kindest of this man... I am dedicated to this organization and will do whatever is in my power to make it successful... Between cleaning and playing 4 to 5 gigs a week with my musical career, I am a really busy guy... but i make it a point to be on the forum and FB group pages to try to help in any way I can... I would not be where I am today if it were not for the UAMCC and it's associates... Thank you all ....

John Orrico

So many to Thank
The four that stand out are:
Bill Booze, inviting my crew out and spending two days working with his crew.
Ray Burke, always taking our calls and helping us out.
Bill (The Powerwash Store) helping with any equipment issues.
AC, for teaching us the business.
I'm sure I left out a ton who have helped over the last four years.
Thank you to all!!!

David Styles

The networking is first on my list. Guys are always there to support and advise people in every situation. UAMCC rocks!

Rance Tilley

Contributing Member
Thanks to Russ Johnson of SouthSide Equipment. Russ has helped me numerous times with placing orders to repairing my pumps. His vast knowledge and customer service is second to none. THERE ARE SO MANY people at the UAMCC to recognize that have made it what it is today that need to be thanked. Ron Musgraves has propelled this Organization to such a high level that it is "The Premier" organization of the mobile cleaning industry in my opinion. Ron has spent time with me on the phone helping me to understand how to sell my service to the commercial side. Thanks Ron! So much to say about so many of the guys here. Thanks to all of you who have helped me grow my business!

Dawn Evans

Contributing Member
I really appreciate all the gals in the org! Morgan Booz acted right away when we talked about the Newsletter group over Paul Kassander's Milwaukee weekend event. By Monday I was on the group and we got to work. She has been a huge help in getting the newsletter to be what it is today. Lisa Seitz has helped me in a huge way too. Her articles are inspiring and she is a pleasure to work with. Nichole and Lani have been indispensable in answering my many questions along with so many others. (Too many to mention!) Behind any great guys are usually really great girls! I love Bill Booz like he was really my brother along with Paul K and Ron, and now I've had the chance to work with John Neilson too. We have a great group working on the newsletter and I am looking forward to working with many on the blogging group. I have so many great experiences to draw on with all these people and more. They take their time to listen, follow through impeccably with what they say and value my input. Most of all, I thank my husband because without him, I wouldn't be the person I am today and for introducing me to all of you. I can't say it enough - what a great group of people we have here!

Chris Carlos

New member
Being new in the industry. UAMCC And it's members have always been there for me with answers or suggestions to questions that I have. Even the president of UAMCC Advices takes the time to help me and answer my questions. All members make me feel like I am part of a family that I always have someone to turn to. Being able to post and have confidence that I will get the answers I need is amazing. Best membership I have joined.