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Darren White

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Kristy and I have had support from the UAMCC crew and from many members. Ramon and Tonya Burke, Lisa and Eric Seitz, all the people at the Power Wash Store. UAMCC has given us an education and a place to go to get answers. We would not be where we are today without this group. Thank you all.

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Simply Post below about the UAMCC or a member who has helped you.

Say something nice about the associates.

Talk about a job you shared with another person from the org.

Hey if your not a Member its ok if you want to win, Tell us about looking from the outside in and how its helped you.

Say anything you want about the UAMCC in a positive Manner, do not worry if you do not have the Password or log in look at your original email to get access.

POST TODAY WIN a Galaxy Monday. One random winner will get a Galaxy Pad, alls we ask is you post a Mug shot of you with the Galaxy pad for future Promotion.

If you won anything ever and you have the photo post it for a chance to win 100.00 gift card to the associate or your Choice.



Winner winner chicken dinner!!
I watch all of Doug's videos on YouTube. And his tip, have gotten me out of plenty of jams