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Ty Sparks

New member
The UAMCC Forums have been a huge blessing to our business. If you have any questions about anything business related..... You can get a Professional Response/Answer there. I can not think of another Profession that would offer so much! I have been passing jobs back and forth with a guy that I have never met in person, but lives a few hours away! That wouldn't have been possible without the Forums. Thank you Ron and Thank you UAMCC

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Scott Sockriter

New member
Before I became a member I learned what a great organization this was! Great People helping people! Even though I been doing this 12 years, I still learn something all the time from great members! I also love giving my input when ever I can! I'm happy to be a member of this awesome organization and great people! !

Josh Davis

New member
UAMCC has the best distributers! Russ, Paul,and Jason W. all have great prices, products, and customer service! Here is a picture of me with the iPad I won a while back on PWI. If I'm eligible for the Galaxy, I sure could use a tablet, since my wife has taken over the iPad! Loluploadfromtaptalk1424034308186.jpg

Josh Rouse

New member
UAMCC has been a great contributer to my knowledge, planning on becoming a paid member this spring. I've purchased all of my main equipment from powerwash store, Bill Wilson has helped me get set up and I appreciate everything. Look forward to a long relationship with the group . Thanks!


Contributing Member
Great bunch of guys here at the Uamcc.
I've got a few on speed dial that are always willing to share some advice!
Doug, Carlos, and Craig to name a few that have always been willing to help out and point me in the right direction.

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Jeremy Jennings

Contributing Member
The UAMCC rocks!

I am proud to be a member and it has accelerated my learning curve dramatically.

Plus I met a bunch of cool, helpful people and new vendors! !

Sirocco Jerry

UAMCC Associate Member
I want to thank the support team.. Leilani and Nicole, and all of Ron's crew. Laying out the playing field for the events and hitting 100% attendee satisfaction is a huge goal, of real challenge. But rest assured 100% is ALLways the goal in the UAMCC team, from the amazing event management team, to member management, to the Associate supporters, and all the very cool volunteers over the years.. the wives, daughters, and all. I am especially thankful for the positive attitude maintained by all.. Headaches come and go, but are managed with care and professionalism. It's a rough Road trying to please all the people all the time, but through it all.. Scars, are VERY few and far between, and the praise and show of appreciation I hear in the community is straight-up refreshing.
You youngsters have no idea how "failed" this industry was before at what I call "community behavior". Between 10 to 30 years ago, there were "trade shows, but no real sense of community, no education, nothing more than "give" to our education fund (for one of their own), and pay for their annual cruise. Community was about the "royal families" of this industry. Now, it is Quite clear.. this is a Cleaning industry community, we can work together to better the community for quality, safety, and profitability therein. We now have voices Openly, amongst devoted listeners.
The UAMCC is a Community, and I'm proud to be a member.
And as a member, I'm honored to be called a teacher, and I am energized by all that to be the best supplier I can be, in Every way I can, Every day.
Thanks Ron for leading this team.. ..especially for bringing SO many people together.. Mission accomplished Bro !
I've been reading and learning here since 2000 time frame on the PWI. Attended my first RT at Myrtle Beach in 2009. That's where I met Ron but also Guy Blackmon who is local to me. Guy has been a go to phone call for years and has always provided outstanding advice. I finally became official with UAMCC a little over a year ago Membership benefits from associates has already covered my dues plus the advice gained raised my bottom line. Keep up the great work. Network with each other. Be positive and we will succeed.

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Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Love everything about the UAMCC....working with a member now, Chris Collins, on bidding and doing a huge job here in Houston. Have worked with Gene Beck and Georold from Magic Wand on jobs, William Davis, and others.

Mike Garza, a member helps me out all the time.

Paul at Powerwashstore , Russ at Southside, Jenny at J racenstein, Ray at Worlds Best, Linda at Soap Warehouse, Greg Blanchard at Pro Chem and many others are people that have helped me tremendously.
Hey I like the UAMCC - great group and people always willing to share. I've been to events in Orlando, Tampa, Atlantic City and Baltimore - every time worth the trip. Keep up the good work!!

Donny Charpilloz

New member
This organization has changed my mindset big time. When I first started looking into the pressure washing industry (2006) it was hard to find any decent information to learn the trade. Everything was a big secret so I had that same mindset that everything I learned should be locked away for only myself to benefit. I was truly shocked when I found the PWI and UAMCC because everyone shared so openly about their processes of cleaning and helped lead people step by step to learn. This was a totally new concept for me and I have adopted it fully. In one way or another everyone that is a part of this organization has helped me to learn, teach and lead weather they know it or not. I am very grateful and blessed to be a part of this UAMCC family.

Donny Charpilloz

New member

Here is a picture of the hat I won :cool:

Chad Abrams

New member
I'm new to the forums and the UAMCC. I haven't spoken to many members outside of the forums yet but I have received some good responses to the few questions I have posted. I joined the UAMCC after following the forums for a while. I've seen the way the members are eager to help each other even if they are in the same market area. There is no hesitation. Information is give freely and willingly. It's something you don't see very often. This atmosphere is what led me to join. It's comfortable. I don't feel nervous or embarrassed to ask a question. The help and support of the members, the UAMCC staff, and the vendors is everything you should expect from an organization and then some. In short I'm proud to be a part of an organization that appreciates its membership as much as they appreciate it.
Good luck to all! We are all already winners.


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Jeri Collins

New member
We like being members of the UAMCC because it carries weight when we contact facility managers at large companies around the country and ask for regional and nationwide contracts. We refer the facility managers to the UAMCC website. We tell the facility managers that we have a nationwide network of cleaning contractors that all adhere to a common set of methods and procedures. This seems to be a huge plus for us.

Ron has always been eager to answer any questions that we may have even though his time is so limited and he is spread so thin. He always gets back to us.

We have partnered with Doug Rucker on jobs and we have sent jobs to Doug when we were not able to do them ourselves because we were out of town.

Paul Kassander and Bill Wilson are always there when we need them and they even call us back after hours. They have become our FIRST CALL whenever we need parts or equipment. The customer services they provide to us after the sale keeps us coming back.

The UAMCC has allowed us to meet people from around the country and we now know people in almost every area of the country.
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Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
I am posting for myself (Sonitx), my son Chris and Daughterinlaw Jill (Vegas Pressure Wash) my nephew Cameron (Native Power wash) and my daughter Fayth (Faythworx).

We are all proud members of the UAMCC. I am proud to be a member of a group of men and women who truly care about each other.

Chris and Jill are proud to participate and host events to help others who are in the same place they were 6 years ago before Ron and the other great people on here pointed them in the right direction.

Cameron is grateful to have a resource that is reliable to help him fearlessly go into residential jobs with knowledge.

And Fayth is grateful to have men and women who encourage her and make her feel like she has a purpose outside of just doing school work.

Thank you all. You all made it happen, especially those of you in this thread who are new but took the leap and will now know the joy that comes from giving in what may have previously been a lonely professiona.

Robert Hartfiel

New member
What can I say, everyone from the UAMCC is so very helpful. Ask a question and it gets answered. I think what stands out to me is the first event I went to was in WI. at the Powerwashstore. Paul, Bill, Andy and Jessica were so easy to get along with and very helpful. I learned so much from the event I thought my head was going to explode. That event I also met Doug Rucker, Chris Apple and Andrew Snyder. 3 guys who have taught me a lot in my first year of P/W'ing. At the event in Iowa I took Doug Ruckers class on roof cleaning. Wow, talk about a class act. He never talked down to you and the wealth of info he has. I had the chance of talking to Andrew and Chris a bit more as well. For the new guys here, these are the guys you need to talk to, they really know their stuff. I can't say enough how much I love belonging to the UAMCC. Tony and Dawn Evans and Jacob Dehl has been a great deal of help as well. Someone mentioned Ron as well. Always answering a call or text messages or calling you to wish you a great holiday season. I'm sorry if I left anyone out.

Ray Burke

New member
Its really tough to narrow it down to just one person who has helped me.... My first experience with the UAMCC was in Tampa and with Ron. Sitting in his class made a light go off in my head, and our commercial maintenance division was born. Until then I was mostly cleaning properties once per year, Ron's tutleage made me realize there was great profits in weekly/monthly flatwork cleaning.

Since that initial meeting I attendee I've met so many wonderful people though UAMCC...people that I can learn from, people that I can share with, and people I'm proud of associating with. I dare not even start on a list of names, there are just too many to numerate, But still what amazes me most, is that with each and every event I still meet new people, and I still learn! MY membership is like the gift that keeps on giving!

Dawn Evans

Contributing Member
Thanks Rob! Sure glad to have met you and look forward to many more shows! Hope to see you in Milwaukee at the new Midwest Training Show that Tony and Paul are doing!

Brian Petts

Contributing Member
Chris Dubbs,after almost 20 years in this field (self taught) I was certain i knew it ALL. In the short time ive been a member of UAMCC, I have learned an amazing amount. Making my job easier, quicker, more effitient and my margins also are much improved as the result.

As a side benefit for me I soon realized I was not the only one in this proffesion, Which has renewed my energy and enthusiasm. (Critical) Enjoy!
Outside looking in, I will probably join sooner than later!

From phone meetings to phone call help, too discounts and lead generation across the country it's all right here. Good people making a good industry better.

Looking out for regulations and having the back of the contractors big or small makes this Org one to join.

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