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The next UAMCC Convention Date---Poll

The month that would work best for you at the next UAMCC Convention

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Eric Flynn

New member
October really did work best for us.

The start of the last quarter seemed like a good chance to take some time off and not feel guilty about going.:rolleyes:

It was still warm in Florida...enough for us to thoroughly enjoy the pool but yet the heat was not sweltering. :cool:

The lines at Disney were non existent because it is during the school year and all the kids were in school. :clap:

It is not TOO close to Christmas. :headshakesmile-fast

I have time to implement all the changes we are going to make as a result of the information we received at the convention....just in time for the new year! :yes:


Chris Tharpe

New member
I kinda agree there with late October early November. I lean more towards November because it may be a tad bit cooler if the next convention is in FL. I vote for California for next years convention

Scott Millen

New member
I voted October, because this year's event was so great, but I'm not married to that month, and it mostly depends on the location.

We had a real tough time picking a date for this one, it is an imperfect science. The time of year is never going to be perfect for everybody. We settled on October partly because it was good for a lot of contractors in the Northern parts of the country, but also because of some fiscal consideration. When you are responsible to a large membership for wisely spending their funds, the off-season deals are attractive.
End of October, beginning of November. Our season generally runs through October and sometimes we are scrambling to get finished due to the weather, so the beginning of November would be best for us. Like Jen said, I would like to have the time to work on what we learn at the convention for the coming season, so I would vote for the end of the year.


Mike Cooke

New member
I voted November maybe after halloween!!! Actually October would be good also!!! I say Orlando again Maybe do a 2 or 3 year rotation!

John Tornabene

Member Guest
November may work also. The second week in November I can see being a good time because its two weeks ahead of Halloween and at least a week plus away from Thanksgiving. We could do it with a Thanksgiving theme since we are all trying to give back...to each other.

My wife likes October because my parents can babysit before they take off for Florida because there snow birds. Its just tough for me to do anything that Month because where like a Landscaping business where we are closing out our Residential for the year.

Either way I will support the majority when the time comes to bring this up for real.


New member
It's going to be a challenge to make next years as good as this years was.
I have been to carpet cleaning conventions.....air duct cleaning conventions...
restoration conventions over the years....most much larger than this one..

and this was special. I felt it right away. It was almost like a gathering of friends...and most who had never met. The honest...open interaction is what I am speaking of more than anything.

I voted for October myself...but I don't think it matters as much as being able to grow..and still keep the intimacy we all felt.

Randall Brooks

New member
What happened to Sept? I like September. If it's Oct. do it up somewhere where the leaves are in season like New England or even the Smokeys around Gatlinburg Tn. Late Oct or Nov in Colorado or Utah would be nice in some nice lodge, maybe get an "early bird" special somewhere. But where ever I like Sept or Oct. Just sorry I missed it this year, :saai:

The Cleaning Doctor

Contributing Member
Still washing and cleaning and it is November next week. Christmas lights for some go up Nov and Dec and come down in Jan. As far as down time I would think Feb would be the month.

Rick Petry

New member
This is off the cuff and a suggestion. A lot of members attending this convention were from the Northeast. This may reflect UAMCC membership in general, but I am not sure.

I'm not too sure about true pressure washers, but wood companies are typically still working in October, and often into November. Due to mild, dry weather forecast for the next 6 days, we are working.

From a selfish standpoint, the 2nd or 3rd week in Nov. would be ideal. One other thing to consider.

Many companies are seasonal, depending on geographic location. By late fall, we're flush with cash in the bank. By early spring, some of us smaller contractors are a bit thin in the cash department. This may be a detriment to attendance due to seasonal cash flow.

Randall Brooks

New member
Your not going to get anyone to travel any distance in Nov IMO. Too close to T day and Christmas and New Years,,just too many things going on or coming up that time of year. Due to finances some of us have to pick and chose trips no matter what there for. If I go to "this" means I "Can't" go to that. One day~~~~:saai:

Robert Caberto

Contributing Member
Had a good time in orlando would like to see it down there again in october very good group of people to associate with. :clap:

Robert Caberto
Professional Mobile Power Wash, Inc.