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Who would Volinteer?

Lonnie Greenwood

New member
Everyone right now is a member David, membership is Free
If you do volunteer remember it take a lot of time an heart and it is not easy by no means i never thought it would be what it is today i hope it gets better im sure it will with the right leadership the bod needs all the help they can get go uamcc

John Tornabene

New member
David sign up and get your free 3 month membership if thats what is being offered. Then volunteer for something. Make this work for yourself and others. After 3 months the UAMCC may be asking for people to start paying for there membership from that point on. Roll the dice. Pay so your on for a full year and get involved.

Yes this cost money. Your membership money will go along way to help this org. This is a National org. Help many who want to get this going again. IF it gets going the benefits will start to happen but you must work it.

It can happen. At this point you have to visualize this on how it can work... and it could work. But of course like everything else money is needed. Maybe the UAMCC can come up with a creative Ideal to give people a new heading for the membership kind of like last year when 10 of us became "Charter Members". This can work but it unfortunetly takes a Village----and I can't stand the woman who I met that coined that phrase and had a book with a similiar name..but in this case it will take take a community as in us the Powerwashing community to get this together.

Just think about that.